Diamond Teeth for Two

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cadou craciun pentru amandoi- philips-sonicare-diamondclean- toothbrushLooking for a perfect present for you and your man? To share it, enjoy it and use it together every single day? Well…This is it. It’s like a magic wand that takes care of your teeth, but they call it Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean. Since we discovered it we cannot let it go. It’s not the whiter, healthier teeth that convinced us in the first place, but the whole story about this electric toothbrush. It looks like a fancy gadget, it has a minimalistic design, it is sleek and super smart and easy to use. We fell in love at the first sight! The best part came when we started to use it. We find it unbeatable with regards to effectiveness and ease of use.cadou craciun pentru amandoi- philips-sonicare-diamondclean- toothbrushJPG

The Diamond Clean has five brushing modes: Clean for everyday cleaning, Gum Care which gently massages gums, Polish to brighten and Polish your teeth, Sensitive for gentle brushing and White which removes surface stains.  There’s also a timer that lets you know when to move the brush around every 30 seconds and the brush shuts off after 2 minutes.  You can even customize your brushing habit. For instance we start with cleaning, continue with whitening and then with polishing. But the cool thing about this cleaning wand is that there are 2 innovative charging options. You just have to put it in the glass cup, plug it in and turn it on or just connect your travel case to an outlet or by USB.

But we got so enthusiastic that we almost forgot to tell you why is it perfect as a gift for two. Because you can buy only one Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrush and two brush heads: one for you and one for your man. You can share it home, if you travel, in the morning, in the evening, everytime you are together you can share your DiamondClean and both enjoy the exceptional whitening. Sounds good, right?

We are happy to share our Diamond Clean with our men and they are more than excited about this fancy toy.


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