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8fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florensAll we want from Christmas is you! The holiday season is a moment to built lifetime memories with the ones you love, to reconnect, to bond, to tell stories and to keep all these deep in your heart, so you could feed your soul every single time life won’t be that nice with you. Christmas is that time when it is fun to bake, to hibernate and don’t feel guilty, eat pies at midnight waiting for Santa, to watch Home Alone (yes, it is our favorite and it reminds us everytime what matters most, our family!) We wish you all to feel the same, to enjoy these days and to hold your parents hands, to hug them hard and tell them how much it means to you to be with them. And if you feel that Christmas spirit is usually gone after unwrapping gifts, drinking hot wine and eating all the cakes you baked in the last days, stop vegging on the couch and be the creative spirit of the house. Make a plan and change the rules this Christmas. We have some proposals for you – 10 things to do on Christmas Day:7fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 9fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 12fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 13fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 6fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 1fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 2fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 14fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 11fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 5fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 4fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 0fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens 3fabulous_muses_fabulous_christmas_ outfit_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_hm_winter_florens

1. Send them all an invitation card. On Christmas Eve everyone is invited to wear elegant outfits, a fancy dinner is going to take place. While they are all getting ready, set the table! Make it look fabulous!

2. Do 200-300 abs in private so you can eat even more the next days, without feeling the guilt after every bite you have.

3. Watch old videos with your family, drink red wine and make fun of yourselves. For sure you’ll laugh in tears. Don’t forget about Popcorn!! (this is for you, Dana).

4. Play truth or dare. We are sure you never did it with your family. Believe us it is totally different from how it was in high school and more fun. But be prepared! You’ll find out dirty stuff for sure!

5. On Christmas day do some acts of kindness. You can go to an orphanage and bring magic in some children’s life. This we’ll bring you so much emotions and happiness you cannot imagine.

6. Improvise a photo booth. Invite every member of the family that visits you to goof around with some Christmas props.

7. Facetime long-distance friends. You never have time to do it and since they miss home so much, you will bring happiness in their hearts.

8. Write your parents a letter, tell them how much they mean to you and place it in a hidden place. They’ll find it at some point and make them so happy.

9. Play dixit and buy the new cards. You’ll learn so much about the members of your family. We do it every Christmas. (Our men hates it, but it is our guilty pleasure).

10. Don’t go to sleep to early. Try a Christmas Movie marathon and cuddle on the couch.

If you have other ideas feel free to share them with us. They can be stupid, naive .. We are gonna love them anyway!

Merry Christmas Sweethearts!

We LOVE you all!

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Outfits: Dresses: Parlor / Sweaters, Scarf, Reindeer Headband, Earrings and Gloves: H&M, sandals: Mihaela Glavan (Diana), Topshop Special (Alina) 
Make-up: Roxana Minea
Hair: Petronela Pruteanu
Location: Florens
Tasty Red Wine: Avinicis
Thank you Simona for being such a fabulous mom. We totally love Armin & Martin!


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