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0Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_lookGood Morning‘ can sometimes be a bit contradictory when you hear the phone alarm, right? Even if you are a morning person or a lazy one (and we complete each other even here) the way you start your day sets the tone and the vibration of the rest of the day, so it is a really good idea to approach the ‘morning habits’ issues with a plan and this way you can be sure that good things are bound to come your way instantly. Morning time is so precious that you need a routine. And we call this routine the 9 AM coffee time. It is about the time you give yourself, about the pleasure of tasting and sipping your favorite coffee, about the joy you share with ones you love and about enjoying this moment as much as you can. This is that moment that feed the whole day with positive energy.7Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_look 10Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_look 9Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_look 3Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_look 5Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_look 6Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_look 1Davidoff coffee_morning habits_fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_Alina_tanasa_ermanno_scervino_look

For us it is a must. In order to get rid of a grumpy face and a slow motion mood, a big cup of coffee is needed. Even if we drink it together at the office, home, in bed, while checking the emails or during a photo shoot just to boost our energy level, this magic potion has a big role in our lives. It’s that kind of addiction that makes your day brighter, it’s the morning code we have and it’s the reason we hold off hitting the snooze button. And because we like diversity we said that it is time to try something new.

And at that point we discovered the new Limited Edition: Davidoff Café Création Supérieure Azur, a composition of only the choicest Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil. We usually prefer the traditional one, grinded coffee (to add this), but in order to save time when we are in a rush or when we wanna make more quantity for the whole team, we prefer the Instant one, the ‘you can do it by yourself’ cup of coffee.

The thing is that you don’t have to follow trends, you just have to follow your heart and taste and chose the right one for your morning routine. And if you still don’t have a schedule for mornings, maybe you could get inspired by ours:

1. WAKE UP EARLY. Stop complaining and don’t even think of touching the snooze button. Remember that early risers are more positive and energic. The most you can do if you really feel the need to touch your phone, is to check your emails and messages:)

2. DRINK WATER. Hydrate your body with one or two glasses of still water with lemon if possible. Wait at least 30 minutes. The water will reboot your body. It works wonders for your body. Meanwhile take a shower, put some make-up on your face & find the right outfit.

3. THAT KIND OF COFFEE. Make a cup of that kind of coffee that makes you feel like you just got wings. You could try the new one from Davidoff, it has a round aroma and it feels like a journey through South America. Or at least this was the feeling it gave to us.

4. FUEL YOUR BODY. Yes, breakfast is very important for both of us. You can try avocado on toast, a big green salad with omlette or muesli with fresh fruits. Just sit down, lady, and enjoy a 10 minutes well deserved meal. It will help you throughout the day! Believe us! You can also try to put your headphones on and to listen some binaural beats just to start the day with a relaxed body and mind.

5. Go outside, appreciate the day and don’t forget to take the instant coffee with you. Your colleagues need it too.

Remember: having a taste for quality is having a taste for life!

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Calligraphy: Dana Paun
Outfits: Ermanno Scervino & Manokhi Leather 
Hair: Petronela Pruteanu
Make-up: Adriana Haloiu
Flowers: Patchouli


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