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00-jane-birkin style-best-fashion-icons-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasaBack to work and lacking of motivation, inspiration and creativity?! Well it happens to all of us.(you cannot imagine how long it took us to write this article) It’s hard to get back to the office and shine bright like a diamond. Thank God we always have solutions and good ideas. We thought that a list of top 10 most influential women from fashion industry will make you find yourself. So here they are, 10 role models we absolutely adore, from different reasons. Jane Birkin’s iconic style shaped many women’s wardrobe all over the world. The actress of the 1970’s became popular not because of her 13-year relationship with the famous Serge Gaingsbourg, but because of her unique style, because of her blunt-cut bangs, big eyes, ravishing smile and skinny long legs. Her style made her a celebrity, a style icon, a cult figure that influences even today the fashion trends. Flat knee boots, A shaped mini dresses, white shirts, washed out jeans and a famous Hermes bag (named after her) is all you need to boost your wardrobe this season.11-Phoebe-Philo-style-icon-fashion-icons-fabulous-musesPhoebe Philo – Who is she? The woman who redefined what we all aspire to wear, the woman who made trainers high fashion, the woman who transformed menswear in women clothes in an amazing manner. She is the Creative Director of Céline! Former Creative Director of Chloe, P.P. is an inspiration for women who believe that minimalism, clean lines, neutral colors and little details make the difference, she made Céline the vision of Parisian Chic. Phoebe Philo is a designer who knows what women want. And this is all that matters.03-linda-rodin-style-icon-best-fashion-icon-fabulous-muses-alina-tanasa-diana-enciuLinda Rodin – 65 and fabulous! Her style is fabulous and you could never get bored while watching her! When we discovered Linda we were in a sort of depression thinking about us getting older and older day by day and then…LINDA…BOOOOM! One of the most beautiful women in the world made magic in our lives. Style never dies nor the beauty. After a long career as a model and stylist Linda Rodin is now taking care of her own business – a skincare line.08-suzy-menkes-fashion-icon-best-fashion-icons-fabulous-musesSuzy Menkes is one of the best fashion journalists in the world. Only 25 years in fashion industry (25? HUGE!), Suzy is a fashion journalism guru. Working for International Herald Tribune – The International New York Times and now for Vogue Online, Suzy’s articles are a must read for those who feel that fashion runs through their veins. HERE you have one of the most controversial articles she wrote in the last years. Don’t miss her opinions and stories because she is one of those who matter.12-Kim Cattrall- Patricia Field - fashion-icon-style-icon-fabulous-musesPatricia Field Don’t you even dare to say you don’t know her! We all watched Sex and the city and we all craved for every outfit worn by the four magic actresses. We suppose you were thinking every single time who is behind the inspirational looks, right? Well…it was Patricia Field – she inspired a generation of women! “Field also helped rekindle the idea of fashion as escapism, as a romantic dream, as a way of exploring and expressing yourself, all of which has had a lasting impact on how women today dress.”06-diane-von-furstenberg-fashion-icon-style-icon-fabulous-muses-alina-tanasa-diana-enciuDiane von Furstenberg This is what we call a lucky woman who succeeded with passion and determination. She is still living the American Dream and she empowers others to do the same – to be honest, bold, to fight for their dreams and to never to give up. Diane von Furstenberg is an amazing designer and an inspiration for every woman. You can read more about here book HERE and we also have an exclusive interview HERE.10-Hillary-Kerr-Katherine-Power-WhoWhatWear-style-icon-fashion-icon-fabulous-musesHillary Kerr and Katherine Power The names don’t sound familiar?! Well if you don’t know them yet, they are the founders of the popular fashion brand WhoWhatWear.com – a leading platform for style and shopping content, catering to trend-setting fashion lovers and their followers. They are first of all the co-founders Clique Media. Kerr was a writer for ELLE, Teen Vogue, Nylon and Power was Editor for ELLE and ELLEgirl. Kerr and Power are also the co-authors of two books: Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style For Real Life. We love them because they are a DUO, like us, and we believe in the power of 2. 05-annie-leibovitz-fashion-icon-best-fashion-icon-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasaAnnie Leibovitz ‘I’m more interested in being good than being famous.’ Considered one of America’s best portrait photographers Annie has been working as a photographer for 40 years.  Started as Rolling Stone’s chief photographer in 1973 ( she had shot there 142 covers), continued with Vanity Fair and Vogue and in the end she appeared in museums and galleries all over the world with her amazing work. She is one of the women we admire most and her pieces of art are a continuous inspiration for us.
14-jenna-lyons-fashion-icon-style-icon-jcrew-designer-fabulous-musesJenna Lyons – Tall, skinny, brunette and a style icon. Who is this gorgeous woman? She is an essential designer with a pragmatic approach. She revamped American style sincer she became the designer of J.CREW and she is the essence of this brand. If you feel like wearing bold pink trousers with a floral jacket and a white shirt, maybe it’s because of her. She defined the classic-casual style and she is proudly wearing J.CREW, just to show you how cool, sexy and still serious you can look.09-olsen-twins-mary_kate_ashley_olsen-the row-fashion-icon-best-style-icon-fabulous-musesOlsen Sisters – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – are not only the twins we know from the series we used to watch when we were kids. They are a role model to follow and they are more than a celebrity name. Olsen twins are much bigger than you’d think. Not only that they’ve became boho-chic muses, but they created a very popular brand: The Row. Their success is being taken seriously. The Row is luxurious, understated and minimalist, without being boring.13-Lori-Goldstein-style-icon-fashion-icon-fabulous-musesLori Goldstein “Everything goes with anything” is the credo of stylist Lori Goldstein. Lori’s work has covered a vast range, from collaborations with photographers Annie Leibovitz at Vanity Fair to Steven Meisel at Vogue Italia, to her styling for designers Donatella Versace and Vera Wang. For Lori, it is never a question of “why” but always “why not.” Whether it is in the mix of the high and low, the clash of pattern and color, or the total, uncanny and celebratory challenge to our senses, Lori’s world is as multifaceted as the aggressive eclectic style that she has pursued for over 30 years. Read more HERE and don’t miss her book.

See? Everything is possible at any age! You just have to dream BIG!


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