Golden Globes 2016 Best Dresses

PNG-golden-globes-best-dressed-2016Golden Globes Awards 2016 was again a magic night and the actresses amazed us with their choices. Alicia Vikander was fabulous in her Louis Vuitton dress, Cate Blanchett and her Givenchy dress were like a fairytale and Jennifer Lawrence was super sexy in her Dior red dress. It was hard to pick our favorites, but here they are, the Golden Globes Awards 2016 Best Dresses, the most photographed looks.
opener4 opener 5golden-globes-2016-best-dresses-actress-dresses-top-looks-golden-globes.jpg 0golden-globes-2016-best-dresses-actress-dresses-top-looks-golden-globes.jpg 3golden-globes-2016-best-dresses-actress-dresses-top-looks-golden-globes.jpg 2golden-globes-2016-best-dresses-actress-dresses-top-looks-golden-globes channing-tatum-jenna-dewan-golden0gloes-2016-best-dresses golden-globes-2016-olivia-wilde-best-dress kirsten-dunst-golden-globes-2016-best-dress



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