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3Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_EditorialIt’s been a while since we enjoyed a one of a kind experience – Vibe Israel, but we couldn’t post these photos before because they’ve been featured in the December issue of The One Magazine. But we are sure you saw some photos from Tel Aviv and from the magic Dead Sea on our Instagram accounts. Now that the revealing moment came, we wanna tell you a few words about the trip we had right before holidays season. We’ve been invited by Vibe Israel to take part of Tel Aviv Fashion Week and we couldn’t say no. And yes it was super safe, it was fun and Tel Aviv convinced us that it is an amazing city with lots of things to do, with open minded people and with amazing services and places… and food. 7Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial 8Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial 9Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial 2Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial 4Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial 6Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial 5Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial 0Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial11Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial12Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial13Fabulous_Muses_Vibe_Israel_Dead_Sea_Fashion_Editorial

We’ve been in Israel for 7 days with Adam Katz Sinding – yes, the famous and handsome photographer that was in Romania for Digital Divas, YuYu the most fabulous Chinese girl in the world whom we fall in love with and Anh an American girl that made us fall in love with Americans. We’ve been an amazing team and we felt like we knew these people since forever. We have to thank Rotem and entire Vibe Israel team for making us feel so good and for everything in fact.

What we did in Israel for seven days?! Visiting, fashion shows and fashion showrooms, we met creative fashion designers and we ate sooooo much. We fell in love with Sample, Dorin Frankfurt, Medusa, Daj Darya and we received lots of presents. It was the kind of experience that we wanna live over and over again.

The shooting from the Dead Sea and in fact all the Dead Sea experience was magical. Not only for us two, but for all of us. Dead Sea is really unique and you cannot explain the experience. You have to live it. It was the most peaceful moment we ever experienced in this life. Like no other before.

So we hope you like the photos as much as we do and we hope that maybe someday you will put Israel on your Must Visit list.

We thank you one more time Liya Geldman for the amazing shoot.


Foto: Liya Geldman for Vibe Israel
Outfit1: Dresses: Sample, Sunglasses: Joseph Haver, Jewels: Noritamy, sandals vancrafts
Outfit2: Noy Goldstein & Anna Kosichenko, Sunglasses: Joseph Haver
Make-up: Yifat Ohayon
Location: Dead Sea, Harods Resort


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