A trip to New York FOR YOU!

fabulousmuses_dianaenciu_alina-2Btanasa_ny-2Bfashion-2Bweek_stilago_shop-2Bonline_fashion-2Bblog-2Bny-2B-14-Ready for a vacation? Of course you are because you deserve it! How about New York? Today you can WIN one! The Empire State is one of our favorite cities in the world! Mostly visited during Fashion Week it mesmerized us with its sights and vibe. Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art are just the beginning of a wonderful trip, especially if you are a first-timer. Before you sign up for Schwarzkopf contest, you need to know 5 things about New York, the city of Love (as Carrie Bradshaw used to say) and the city where you can style up your looks with all the crazy accessories and get so many compliments you cannot imagine.

IMG_31321. MET MUSEUM is our favorite. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a magic place that reminds us of so many movies we watched together. When we arrived there it was a dream come true. Don’t miss the roof garden. It is perfect for selfies! You can spot the magic of the city and you will instantly fall in love.Bleecker-Street2. WEST VILLAGE STROLL. Almost looking the same like in the 19th century, this neighbourhood is one of our favorite spots. Bleecker Street is not to be missed. Lots of lovely shops and of course the so well known Magnolia Bakery. ( advice: take a photo and don’t que! The’re queuing for cupcakes only! You can have them in other cool places! You won’t die without a Red Velvet Cupcake from Magnolia, right!?)murmur-2Btakeaway-2B_murmur-2Bcollection_fabulous-2Bmuses_diana-2Benciu_alina-2Btanasa_andreea-2Bbadala-2Bcolectie_aw2014-2Bcollection_best-2Bfashion-2Bblog-2B-8-3. EAT! As much as you can! In New York you will find so many vegetarian, bio, raw-food stores and places that you cannot imagine! All the food is delicious! You can always have a raw vegan breakfast in this city!9946019575_4429366f63_b4. SOHO! Shopping and lots of restaurants! You need a day to experience the area!reynards-15. WILLIAMSBURG Oooooh yes! A mecca for creatives and a hip area as East Berlin. You can explore the lively arts, music, cool restaurants and boutique scene. Just soak up the creative energy!

And now you are ready! Schwarzkopf takes care of women’s hair for almost 111 years and now invites you to sign up for a fabulous CONTEST!

You can win lots of prizes and three big trips for two persons to New York, Rio and Tokyo.

You only have to TRAVEL WITH HENKEL: www.calatoresticuhenkel.ro




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