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7Fabulous_Muses_Valentines_day_look_fashion_days_concursEven if you love or hate Valentine’s Day on 14th February people will celebrate it in a way or another…And we think that you can find useful things to do even if you are single, dating or in a serious relationship, even if you like or dislike this celebration. We used to disapprove this day, but now we just celebrate love in our fabulous way and it’s not bad at all. In the end it’s not so bad to have one more reason to pay more attention to you two. And for this Valentine’s Day we have some ideas for you. Before you will try all these above, just don’t forget about the gift. The gift for yourself of course and for him too. These type of celebrations are not bad at all if we talk about shopping. You can easily find fabulous discounts for high brands as we found on FASHION DAYS this week (our outfits are treasures we’ve found on their online shop), also have the chance to win magic gifts if you sign up for contests as the one on Fashion Days FB Page, to get 80% discounts and free returns of the orders.

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10 things to do on Valentine’s Day if you are Single:

1. Go to a Spa. Relax and make the best of it. Have a massage, a nail spa, sauna, yoga…You will feel amazing.

2. Call your single friends and invite them over. Play Dix it, watch Sex and the City, play truth or dare.

3. Rearrange your closet. Make some space! Throw all the old stuff you don’t wear anymore. Make the same with your jewels, shoes and bags. Don’t forget about cosmetics. It’s a perfect day for organising your space.

4. And now that you have space in your closet it’s time for some shopping. We mean some online shopping. It’s the shopping of the future… We mean present! If you like what we wear you can find them on FASHION DAYS.

5. Cook some healthy food. You can find a lot of recipes online and if you are interested in something light, but tasty we recommend you Yotam Ottolenghi.

6. Download Tinder or other dating applications and have fun…Maybe you’ll have a dinner or a glass of wine at the end of the day. But the idea is to have fun. Or s*x! It’s up to you.

7. Go to museums. You never do it ,so this is a very good day for museums. Make a list and start at 11:00am. If you feel hungry grab a sandwich on the way.

8.  Call your mother and talk to her finally!!! For hours! It’s ok. You will make her super happy. It’s the best gift for both of you!

9. Smile, be possitive and optimist. It’s not so bad to be single. It comes with a lot of advantages. Stay fabulous!

10. And if you decide you cannot stay home for VDAY, just do it! Go to a bar, sip a glass of champagne and maybe Prince Charming will notice you.

4Fabulous_Muses_Valentines_day_look_fashion_days_concurs 6Fabulous_Muses_Valentines_day_look_fashion_days_concurs_MG_2003
10 things to do if you are in a relationship:

1. Spend your day like any other day, but with more sweets, champagne, pasta and all the forbidden things in your life.

2. Stay in bed all day and make sex… Or just stay in bed  and enjoy the love.

3. Order sushi and watch movies, series, nat geo people… Whatever makes you happy

4. Write him a love letter and leave if on the table.

5. Cook something together…It maybe fun to cook some japanese food.

6. Make a dance contest and make a movie ( just for you 2) It’s gonna be hilarious!!!! (we do it often – dirty little secret)

7. Go to a cinema, have dinner, but be careful where you go. It ‘s gonna be crazy. Make reservation. We recommend you Form, Zen Sushi Dorobanti, Divan, Meze or Social1.

8. Shopping. But not the usual one. You will make a list with 10 items for him and he will make a list with 10 items for you. You’ll see how good you know each other. FASHION DAYS has ideas for both of you.

9. Go outside and explore the city! Quality time for love birds.

10. Smile, be happy and stay fabulous. It’s not so bad to be in a relationship. It has it’s advantages.

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Make-Up: Roxana Minea
Location: Iris Dorobanti
Alina: Just Cavalli Dress, Pura Lopez Shoes || Diana: French Connection Leather Pants, Eleven Paris Sweater, Calvin Klein Bracelet


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