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5-it-bags-best-bags-best-fw-bags-gabulous-musesWe all crave for celebrity bags, for those handbags that made history. The IT bag or the iconic bag will never go out of style and can always be the best heritage for you daughter. They made history for a reason. Actually for many reasons. They are versatile, the design is timeless, the quality is undoubtable and they will always be statement items that will make people stare at you and your fabulous outfit. It worths all the money and if you feel bad spending so much money on them, just thing that this is an investment! And this is not a joke. Just check the websites that sell these pieces. So here you have the most popular 5 bags in the world: Chanel 2.55 Bag, Hermès  Birkin, Fendi Baguette, Celine Tote and Hermès Kelly.Chanel-255-Flap-Bag-5-it-bags-best-5-bags-fabulous-musesTHE CHANEL 2.55 FLAP BAG – The most popular of them all, was first dreamed in 1920 by Coco Chanel herself who was tired of carrying the bag in her hands, while she was struggling to sip from her champagne glass. She designed a chain strap and created this practical, amazing piece of history. Launched in late 1950 Chanel 2.55 Bag is known for its versatility and for the front lock which is different from the classic CC logo. It is called “the Mademoiselle Lock”. Wondering how much this items costs? Well…it depends on how good you are with online shopping and vintage pieces hunting. You can find really good prices if you are good in negotiations.streetstyle-hermes-birkin-5-it-bags-5-best-bags-fabulous-musesTHE HERMÈS BIRKIN BAG – What about this bag? Hermès Birkin is the international symbol of wealth. That’s it! And much more of course! It was created in 1984 when Jane Birkin met Jean-Louis Dumas and he told her while all her things fell out from her bag: “I am Hermès and I will put pockets in for you” And so he did. Then Birkin said: Why don’t you make a handbag that is bigger than the Kelly [the Hermès style named after Grace Kelly] but smaller than Serge [Gainsbourg]’s suitcase?” And they made magic at that moment!fendi-baguette-bag-5-best-bags-it-bags-fabulous-musesTHE FENDI BAGUETTE BAG – Rumor has it that more than 100,000 were sold in the first year. A small rectangle with a strap that is just long enough to allow the bag to sit underneath the arm like a loaf of bread. This tiny bag is still flying off of the shelves and remains one of Fendi’s most popular bags. The baguette is crazy in love with trends and it changes its look from a season to another: different colors, leather, velvet, embellishments, silk, raffia, embroideries, it surprises you all the time.celine-luggage-tote-5-best-bags-itbags-fabulous-musesCÉLINE LUGGAGE TOTE – Olsen Twins made this bag an IT bag. At the beginning you could’ve find it everywhere, in every store, and now the bag dissappeared from online retailers and if you want one you should put your name on waitlist. Phoebe Philo was extremely inspired when she designed this must wear piece and we thank her for this brilliant idea she had.Kelly-Hermes-Bag-BEST-5-BAGS-fabulous-musesHERMÈS KELLY BAG – Inspired by Grace Kelly of Monaco, the Hermès Kelly is one of the most desired handbags in the world. She used the bag when she was trying to hide her pregnancy from paparazzi and today women wear it to make paparazzi stare at them. There are two types of Kelly bag – Kelly Sellier and Kelly Retourne, so you have the possibility to choose your favorite. Of course after you’ll get the chance to get it after a long waiting on a special Hermes waitlist:))


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    Gorgeous! Love the Hermes!

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