7 stylists that will inspire you

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rachel-zoe-best-stylist-fabulous-muses-top-stylistsFrom TV screens, to magazines and red carpet, we all have stylists that inspire our daily fashion choices in one way or another. Some are truly daring, others love to keep it simple and a few of them just make you dream along with the outfits they put together. Each of them has a great taste in clothes and accessories, a fantastic personal style and, of course, a lot of talent in making their fashion choices stand out in an editorial or at a fabulous event. So whenever you are lacking inspiration, take a close look at their work and also read the books many of them have published, we are sure you will learn a lot of fashion tips.
Rachel Zoe – One of A lists celebrity’s favorite stylists, Rachel Zoe will inspire you through her boho glam style but also by the choices she makes while dressing stars like Anne Hathaway for The Oscars or The Golden Globes. Besides being a stylist obsessed with the seventies, Chanel jackets and sequence dresses she is also a powerful business woman and a fashion designer.grace-coddington-best-stylist-fabulous-muses-top-stylistsGrace Coddington – You have Grace to thank for all the wonderland and surreal fashion shootings in Vogue US. Named one of the most influential fashion editors of the past 30 years, Grace knows how to tell a story with the most amazing clothes. At the beginning of this year she stepped down from her legendary creative director position at Vogue and she decided to focus on other projects. She wrote ,,Grace – A memoir” a brilliant book where we discover her career from being a model to becoming an iconic fashion stylist.brad-goreski-best-stylist-fabulous-muses-top-stylistsBrad Goreski – The former assistant of Rachel Zoe, Brad, is that cute and fashionable guy that everybody loves. He dresses celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Lea Michele and also we he is a co-host at the famous show “Fashion police”. Also, let’s not add that with his own reality show and also with beeing the stylist for the popular brand Kate Spade this guy has an unstoppable career ahead.ErinWalsh-best-stylist-fabulous-muses-top-stylistsErin Walsh – Who styles now the ultimate fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker? Well, it’s none other than Erin Walsh. She confesses that she loves to find the “odd bird” looks for her clients which make them stand out at an event. The looks that she creates are truly unforgettable and also she loves the unexpected outfits.emmanuelle-alt-best-stylist-fabulous-muses-top-stylistsEmmanuelle Alt – This Vogue editor is the definition of French chic. Her impeccable style and her bold editorials transformed her into a fashion icon for all the classy and elegant women out there. She is a happy person, and she cares a lot about expressing optimism and positivity through her job as editor in chief of Vogue Paris.katie-grand-best-stylist-fabulous-muses-top-stylistsKatie Grand – Named one of the most powerful stylists in the world, this talented British woman worked at magazines such as Dazed&Confused and POP, and now she is the editor of the fashion magazine LOVE that she founded. But let’s not forget the brilliant work she does for Marc Jacobs, being the creative director of the womenswear, menswear and beauty campaigns for this brand and also she styles famous campaign as the ones for Balmain.
kate_young_best_stylists_fabulous_muses_top_stylistsKate Young – Her clients, Sienna Miller, Dakota Johnson and Natalie Portman are one of the best dressed celebrities in Hollywood. So we can easily assume that she’s for sure one of the best stylist in the world. Kate advices her clients to keep a simple and polished look for an event and that always puts them on the red carpet best dressed list.

Do you have a favorite? Which stylist inspires you in your fashion choices?


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