#MFW 3rd Day

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Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-5At a very busy time like this, while meeting so many people who share the same feelings and moods as we do, we realised that in order to keep a positive attitude and an energic spirit we must learn how to say no and yes (a.k.a when time is right). During this Fashion Week the weather did not help us much and it was hard for us to keep up with all the things we had in our schedule, mostly because our spring outfits were not enough for the rainy, cold weather.  Anyways the Emporio Armani Show worked its magic on the third day and completely changed our mood, just before shooting an editorial for a fab italian magazine. That being said, back to things we wanna do diferently during Fashion Week. Here’s a list we’ve made, of 5 things you/we shouldn’t do during Fashion Week:Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-4Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-11Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-3Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-13Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-7Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-10Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-2Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-9Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-8Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-6
1. Do not Complain you are tired… Sleep, take vitamins, drink water.

2. Do not Complain you’re too cold (like we were in these photos). If you don’t wanna be cold, wear proper clothes.  Wear winter clothes if it’s winter, not spring clothes as we did. Bad decision!

3. Don’t attend too many parties and drink alcohol all night long!! You will feel miserable, tired and sick the next day! So behave. Compromise. After all you’re not in your 20s anymore!!!

4. Don’t rent an apartment without internet. Internet is vital during fashion week. Make sure you have a good connection. Talk to your guest about it.

5.  Don’t forget your umbrella at home. During fashion week there will always be rain! It’s like a routine. So make sure you have a fancy umbrella with you (or two, or three). A private driver cannot help you when you go to a show. Traffic is crazy, so don’t you even think he’ll be able to drop you exactly in front of the location!

From next season on we will follow all these rules, it’s a promise!

Foto: Andreea Bogdan
Outfits: Diana:Maria Lucia Hohan Green Dress, Tod’s Sneakers, Salar Milano Sneakers, SpektreSunglasses, X Te Rings/
Alina: Parlor Pants, Nissa by Fabulous Muses White Blouse, Black Blessed Vest, Valentino Clutch, X Te Rings



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