#MFW Day 1

Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-4Buongiorno, Principessa! No, it’s not spring, it is just starting to look like March. Our first Milan Fashion Week  day was well organised like no other before. In the not so warm sunbeams we had a photoshoot for a fabulous magazine (we are more than excited to tell you more about this in the near future) and then we attended one of our favorite shows – Alberta Ferretti. This season we promised ourselves to keep our schedule well balanced and to breathe a bit, so we hope we’re going to keep our promise, because long journeys are waiting for us after this fashion week. We’ll keep you updated, don’t worry!
Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-2 Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-5 Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-8 Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-6 Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_ Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-7 Fabulous_Muses_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Milan_Fashion_Week_Streetstyle_-3

Foto: Andreea Bogdan
Outfits: Diana: Manokhi Leather Dress, Moschino Coat, Gucci Shoes, Spektre Sunglasses,
Gordana Dimitrijevic Bag/Alina: Manokhi Leather Pants, YSL Bag, Escada Belt, Vintage Top, J.Maurice Shoes, Happinessbtq bracelets



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