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1beauty_trends_2015_bourjois_fabulous_muses_fabuloasele_diana_enciu_alina_tanasaCounting the days and waiting patiently for the so craved spring?! We all do it! Your skin needs to be freshen up and as you work on preparing your wardrobe for warmer days, you should also consider a new make-up approach for the next season. There’s a lot to be excited about for spring and you need to follow 5 important steps in order to have a radiant, ravishing, fabulous look. We’ve been searching for the 5 best beauty trends for SS2016 in the last few days and finally we put together a short list of our favorite beauty ideas. We hope that they will inspire your everyday looks!
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1. This season make-up is going to go au naturel. Fresh and luminous with a touch of glow – this is how your skin should look like. So in order to have a perfect skin all day, you need a flawless, protective and silky foundation, to protect your skin, to hydrate it and to let it breathe. We have discovered City Radiance from Bourjois, an anti-pollution foundation that makes magic with your skin texture. You have 6 shades to choose from and you can even mix them for a perfect pigment.

2. Bold Lips. You can spot them on the runway collections! It’s all about lips this spring. Shades like neutral, pink, burgundies, nudes, red and orange will make them all stare at you. You can use glossy textures or matte formulas, the important thing is to embrace the velvet lips trend. You can try Rouge Edition Aqua Laque and Rouge Edition Velvet. They are amazing.

3. Bright skin, no dark circles. Yes we are tired and sometimes the skin speaks for us, but we have tricks. Tricks that men should never know about. We call these tricks: concealers. And we are never apart of them. Be sure you use a concentrated moisturiser that hides darks circles and hydrates the skin around your eyes. Radiance Reveal from Bourjois is a very good choice. With water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc and hyaluronic acid it makes your face glow.

4. Flushed Cheeks! Definitely a trend! Leave contouring behind and play with your cheek bones. Everyone loves a healthy, subtle flush that makes you instantly look younger. We are big fans of blush and we never forget to take it with us. Either we have a meeting and a big bag with us or we go to a big party and we only wear a clutch, the IT make-up product is with us. Our favorite is the little round pot blush from Bourjois. We use it since we were teenagers, our mothers used it and it is  still our best friend when we need to refresh our make-up. This blush has been around for almost 150 years and it brings magic colors this spring, so you better not miss it.

5. Doll Eyes! No eyeshadows. Just impressive lashes. Make your eyes look bigger and wider by applying a big amount of mascara in layers. This time it is fine to have a clumpy look and to overload your eyelashes. This can be an everyday look and you only need a really good mascara. You should try Twist Up the volume mascara to lengthen and separate lashes and to volumise and intensify them.

We believe that a fresh look and a glowing skin with a touch of pink is always better tha a contouring and overloaded skin with layers of foundation. So we recommend you to keep it natural this spring season and to let your skin breathe, because we are beautiful as we are and we should all emphasise our natural gifts.

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: R’Urban by PoemBoem
Make-up: Tania Cozma
Outfits: H&M, Murmur || Shoes: J. Maurice & Saint Laurent || Accesories: Zara & Happines Boutique & Wanderlust&Co
Thank you Floraria Mobila for the beautiful roses


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Teodora

    De cand am descoperit nuanta Rose Mandarine a blusherului de la Bourjois nici macar nu am mai testat vreun alt produs. Este match made in heaven cu culoarea tenului meu. Intentionez sa cumpar de la ei si fondul de ten Healthy Mix Serum pe care l-am tot vazut recomandat de catre Lisa Eldridge.

  • Meagan

    I love seeing all the different trends throughout the year and how it changes with the seasons. This is great. Thank you for sharing!

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