7fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016Today we talk about Hamid Nicola Katrib – a designer, architect and painter. His unique approach to the interior design of both public and private spaces is informed by his Fine Arts education and his background as a painter. His commercial projects blend fun, freshness, and a refined aesthetic. Meanwhile, his residential projects magnify the personality of homeowners in a unique, thoughtful and timeless way, where art is often the center-point of his work. There is no wonder why today he counts important achievements and numerous projects. We shot these photos in one of the apartments he designed and we thought this is the right moment to announce that he will launch soon a scarf collection, so stay tuned and find more about his magic projects HERE.6fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016 1fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016 2fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016 0fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016 5fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016 4fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016 3fabulous_muses_hamid Nicola Katrib_design_interior_cum_sa_iti_decorezi_casa_2016
A famous writer said “It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” But we do, we know what we want on those endlessly rainy days, or when we come home after a super hectic day. We want to feel cozy!

These months of spring are expected to be busy and crazy, that’s why we gathered for you a few ideas on how to make your home cozier! Hope your spring is filled with beautiful things & new beginnings

1. “Refresh” your stocking places. Reorganization is just perfect for clutter minds and for busy days.
2. Layer up your bedding with soft materials: pink bed linens +fluffy blankets+ soft throws. The image of your bed will linger on your mind all day!
3. Style your wall with photos. Having your photos displayed will be such a visual feast.
4. Create a reading nook: surrounding yourself with books is an instant warming mood and the reading time is perfect for all those who want to unwind.
5. Candles, lots of candles. We know having a fireplace in your apartment it’s not always possible that’s why you can gather all the candles you have in one place and lit them up. A touch of warmth will give you the harmony and peace you longed for all day.
6. Hang some twinkle lights. Mood lighting is the best mood
7. Fresh flowers are always a setter of an easy elegant and chic mood
8. Change the rugs. A striped one. A furry one. A lush rug. Layer them if you like. Choose a pale palette of colors or super bright colors
9. Buy new pajamas. A silk pajamas set will do. We apologize in advance if you will never want to leave your home.
10. Pamper yourself with a bath. What else can be more therapeutic and luxurious than a bubble bath while listening to a few spring(ish) tunes?

Foto: Tibi Vintur



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