5 steps to a fabulous skin

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CHANEL_LES_BEIGES_foundation_fond_de_ten_chanel_fabulous_muses8Besides picking out a fabulous outfit you have to get a perfect hair and, of course, maintain a beautiful complexion. We take a lot of care of our skin and we wisely select the products that we use in our beauty ritual. Because we are always on a run we love the easy and fast beauty tricks and we want to share with you 5 tips that will make your skin look even more fabulous.CHANEL_LES_BEIGES_foundation_fond_de_ten_chanel_fabulous_muses4A healthy skin is a glowing skin
When talking about a fabulous skin the glow is the first thing that you will notice. A glowing skin means a healthy skin but also a happy one, that will make people want to look at you all the time. By simply applying the right foundation you will get a healthy glow that people will envy and also admire. Also this type of glow is perfect for women who don’t like to use foundation because they want to keep a natural and simple look.

CHANEL_LES_BEIGES_foundation_fond_de_ten_chanel_fabulous_muses3Pick the correct foundation color
Nobody likes a darker color foundation than needed, because it looks very unnatural. For a fabulous skin you have to choose your color from a big range of options like the 14 shades that Chanel Les Beiges has. Also, here are some easy tricks. If you want a more radiant skin, choose a lighter shade, for a tone-on-tone look pick exactly your color after trying on the shades and for a sun-kissed look you may pick a slightly darker tone that will go well with a tropical vacation.CHANEL_LES_BEIGES_foundation_fond_de_ten_chanel_fabulous_muses2Maybe the most important thing – hydration
From the basic tricks of drinking a lot of water to a nutritive cream, you have to constantly hydrate your skin, especially your complexion. Without hydration your skin will look tired, dry and it will start getting wrinkles even sooner. So, as a simple advice, choose skincare and make-up products that also hydrate your skin. For our complexion, we choose a foundation with a hyaluronic acid derivative that gives your face an instant sensation of hydration that lasts all day long.CHANEL_LES_BEIGES_foundation_fond_de_ten_chanel_fabulous_muses1Protect your skin from the sun
We love the sun and we are constantly upset when the sky is cloudy. But did you know that too much sun exposure can affect your skin damaging it with wrinkles and age spots? With all this consequences this doesn’t mean you have to hide from the sun but you definitely have to use SPF products that take care of your skin all the time. Besides using a daily moisturizing cream when picking you foundation you have to pick one with a high SPF like 25 the one Chanel Les Beiges has. Besides protecting it with sunscreen, this foundation also strengthens your skin.IMG_3644Travel in style
When travelling take with you your favorite beauty products! Just pick the most important ones and get a fabulous make-up in just 10 or 15 minutes. The most important part of your make-up is applying the foundation. Our favorite foundation comes in a travel friendly bottle and is easily applied with the fingertips. Also, when we travel we don’t have much time to do our make-up and this foundation adapts to the shape of the face and invisibly follows its every movement, making our beauty ritual fast and simple.


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