10motivi_ss2016collection_fabulous_muses_fiat500_alina_tanasa_diana_enciuBecause March is Women’s Month, Motivi decided to reunite bloggers, fashion editors and clients on a lovely spring afternoon to present the Spring-Summer 2016 collection. The surprise element was the presence of Francesco Saetta, a famous italian make-up artist who works with celebrities and haute couture houses. But what you have to know is that it was a challenge for us to be the hosts of the event and to present everyone the Motivi brand, the story behind it and the new collection with its strong urban-chic but feminine accents. 5motivi_ss2016collection_fabulous_muses_fiat500_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu 7motivi_ss2016collection_fabulous_muses_fiat500_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu 4motivi_ss2016collection_fabulous_muses_fiat500_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu 6motivi_ss2016collection_fabulous_muses_fiat500_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu0motivi_ss2016collection_fabulous_muses_fiat500_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu2motivi_ss2016collection_fabulous_muses_fiat500_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu

We know Motivi for many years since they came to Romania, but we became more aware of this Italian brand when we found the story of their origins and the history of the group they are part of. These might be things you don’t know so we thought it would be a good idea to share them with you… Motivi has 400 stores in 32 countries and was founded in 1993 by Miroglio Fashion, one of the most important retailers in Italy with strong tradition in fashion. They started in 1884 with a textile shop in Alba city in the north part of Italy and now the company has more than 1300 shops in the world. They created Motivi for all women that love trends, fashion and italian style.

As you know, their collections are versatile, playful and easy to mix and match. The SS 2016 collection is very feminine and chic and you can create outfits that you can wear both at the office and on more relaxed occasions, not to forget party and ceremony pieces. You can play with patterns, stripes, flowers, bows, colors, denim, jumpsuits and maxi dresses. Just be creative and fun!

This event was driven by Fiat Romania and supported by Campari, PATIO beauty salon, located in Baneasa Shopping City in the Feeria Gallery and Pizza Maggiore.

Foto: Storyalist
oto Editor: Tibi Vintur



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