5 Tips For A Garden Party

Fabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciuWe must admit. We have an addiction. It’s called spring and it comes over with all its ingredients: garden parties, never ending evenings, many wine glasses shared with our friends, sunny mornings and happiness. Free time is a term not that familiar for us, but when sun comes up and we have a bright weekend ahead we cannot resist calling over our friends and family to enjoy an afternoon together. Few bottles of good wine, some fruits, some exquisite French cheese and some nuts are all we need to appeal them. So, it’s time to give you some advices about how you can organize the perfect spring garden party.Fabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu__Fabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciuFabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_u

1. Start with a fabulous wine: Well…we think that it’s the wine that brings people together and we might be right. As long as you choose what’s best for your guests, they’ll enjoy every second of your party. We usually pick red, rose and white wine, just to be sure everyone is happy. For Rose Wine Fans we’d recommend Prestige Tamaioasa Roza and Terra Romana Cupaj Roze and for White Wine Fans we have chosen Tollo Pinot Grigio and Pouilly Fuma, perfect for spring and summer dinners. Of course we never forget about Red Wine drinkers so we always make a choice between: Amarone della Valpolicella, Closerie Vaudieui, Cinque Autoctoni and Chateau Cheval. So at least 2 bottles from each for 8 to 10 guests, we’d say. Also, don’t forget to pair the wine with special food like bruschetta, exquisite snacks, delicious cheese or fresh fruits. You can find them all at Mega Image.

2. Surprise your guests with a lovely table decor: A long wooden table is perfect for this kind of party along with matching chairs. It’s all about simplicity when it comes to the perfect furniture and about the white or neutral shades or the earth tones. Also, you can make a relaxing corner where you can place a bench or a canopy decorated with fun pillows so that you guests can sit, relax and have private conversations. As for the perfect lightning, the candle light will give a great vibe to your party.

Fabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_aFabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu{Fabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_o Fabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu

3. Pick spectacular table arrangements: A beautiful floral arrangement it’s the first thing that captures your attention at a garden party. The perfect flowers you can pick for your party are the peonies, the tulips or the roses and you can never go wrong with white and pink as the main shades of the flowers. Also, don’t forget about the candles. You can pick floating white candles in round shaped vases filled with water or you can make an original arrangement using a bottle of wine as a candlestick.

4. Choose a great music selection: A garden party accompanied by a special wine goes great with a selection of jazz music. This music is subtle, gives a great vibe at a party and its ideal for the guest to talk while they are listening to it. Choose an online jazz radio or pick a playlist with great jazz music like Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra.Fabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciuFabulous_Muses_garden_party_tips_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu

5. Don’t forget to “Cheer”! When you serve an excellent wine, everybody will want to raise their glasses and say what they are celebrating and what they wish for. So raise your glass and say that you are thankful that everybody is there and you hope they are having the best time ever. After that you can do a cute table game and ask every person at the party to raise their glass of wine and say what their biggest resolution is.

We usually go in search of inspiration in Mega Image fabulous Wine Gallery corner with over 900 wines from all over the world (Mega Image Bucuresti Mall, Mega Image Concept Store Baneasa or Mega Image Concept Store Barbu Vacarescu). And we also like to spoil our guests with gourmet delicacies, especially cheese: we discovered over 90 types in the Fromagerie at Mega Image Concept Store Baneasa. 

Foto&Video: Iuliana Popescu
Location: Atelier Florens
Outfits: Alina: Maria Lucia Hohan Dress, Motivi Sunglasses, Darlin Hat /Diana: Maria Lucia Hohan Dress, H&M Hat

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