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Coperta_revista_beau_monde_mirese_fabulous_muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_TanasaWedding …Every girl dreams about her own wedding day, about how fabulous is going to be… and then he asks her to be his wife and she gets hysterical… Long story short let’s just learn how to have a fabulous wedding and how to enjoy this unique moment in a decent way:) READY? {And don’t miss Beau Monde Mirese magazine and our tips&tricks}


1. Pick a fabulous dress: When thinking about the perfect dress too many ideas can come through your head and you can visit a lot of places and still feel that you haven’t found “the one”. If you are a taught decision maker go to a designer and figure out the perfect solution for a wedding dress. You will have the gown of your dreams! Choose Eugenia Enciu (Diana‘s wedding dress) or Parlor (Alina’s dress designer) and for sure you will be more than happy.

2. Get your Cinderella shoes: Comfort is the most important thing for your wedding.  You don’t want to think and feel the pain. Believe us! But if your dream shoes are very high and hard to walk in, get also a pair of white sneakers, converse or espadrilles as a second pair. They are fun and go really well with a wedding dress. Mihaela Glavan might be the right choice.

3. Choose timeless wedding rings: Something unique, special made just for you.  Visit www.moogu.ro because Andreea Mogu is amazing or My Precious Buzztard Jewelry if you wanna have something special.

4. Pick a fabulous wedding theme: It’s easier to organize your dream wedding if you have a theme. If you like travelling, pick a famous city as your theme and if you love summer why not have a Hawaii theme? Other ideas? You have to figure it out on your own! Try Pinterest for more ideas and don’t forget about your future husband’s wish too.

5. Get the perfect location: After choosing the theme, find a location which fits  best the idea of your wedding. If you want an elegant one pick a fabulous hall or if you want a fun and summer wedding go and party next to a pool. Or go to the seaside. Seaside weddings are the best. Nice colors, easy set-up, perfect sunset.

6. Select beautiful flowers: Besides being a fresh and beautiful detail at your wedding, the floral arrangements are very important. They have to coordinate with all the decor by size and color. And if you choose to mix them up you have to figure out if they match. That’s why we suggest having a florist that will help you pick the perfect arrangements. We both love Raluca Toma that is unbelievable. She is nice, she understands your needs and she has incredible taste. You are gonna love her and your flowers will look F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

7. Don’t panic! Get a wedding planner and focus with her help at your wedding theme and at your dream event. Two minds work better than one, and she will know how to take control of every situation and how to figure out the perfect solution for each issue.  We both love Blaga Events and we recommend you to work with her when the time comes.

8. Capture every moment! Besides having fun and interacting with your guests, it’s very important to talk with your photographer before and say what snaps do you want. After that make sure you will have lots o pictures with your groom and each guest at your wedding. Don’t have too many serious pictures, smile, make funny faces and have fun!  We recommend you to have a photoboot if you want your guests to have fun. Smybox are the best. And as photographers Lilebuba can be the lycky choice.

9. Just dance! Dance and enjoy the moment. Make the best of it!!!

10. Don’t forget to smile! You want to have happy photos and a happy memory. So enjoy. Relax. Drink a little, kiss your husband and dance with him and your fabulous friends. BE HAPPY… Another life is ahead of you. Make sure the first step is perfect!


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