Just in time for Easter

7Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_TanasaYou may have Hollywood, but we have our own talented actresses who happen to be also our good friends. They love to make jokes, act a certain role and do their things in the greatest manner ever seen and we love to laugh along with them every single time we meet, not because they are famous, but because they are a bunch of wonderful women. So, with no further comments, let us introduce you our fabulous, amazing and talented friends. One is missing from our this crowd, Andreea Vasile is you that we talk about,but we’ll present her soon, in a fabulous manner, of course, so you little diva get yourself ready! Back to our pre Easter happening, here they are: Olimpia Melinte – you know her from many movies, but also from our post with Chanel – stay tuned for her SELFIE69! movie, Rodica Lazar, a talented actress with a great sense of humor  and Ada Condeescu, an amazing woman you all know already, who now plays in ‘Dincolo de calea ferata’ movie.

8Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa 4Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa 9Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa 5Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa 2Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa 1Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa3Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa6Fabulous_Muses_Easter_party_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa

We learn from each one of them and they learn from us, because Easter is about sharing amazing moments with your favorite people. So what is this holiday without friends, without a nice table setting, without music and some good wine?! We love these girls and we respect and love their work. They are incredibly good actresses that work a lot, stress a lot and give all they have to make it good just for you.

Getting back to EASTER, one of the most important moments in life when we reflect about a lot of things that really matter like love, miracles, happiness, trust, believe and wisdom, we have a list of things we believe you should do this Easter:

1. Be with the ones you love – No matter the distance or the things you have to do for work, make time for your loved ones, they are the ones who bring you true happiness. (Unfortunately this Easter we won’t be with our family, but we already spend some days together one week ago.)

2. Write a letter to yourself and open it next Easter – That’s a great way to increase your ambition and become a better you, and of course it’s super fun, try it!

3. Pray – What do you really wish for, do you really know that? Believe it, pray and good things will come. We assure you!

4. Give – We say that nothing can make you happier than giving and seeing that great and natural smile on a person, that reflects true happiness.

5. Relax – At least now you have a great excuse to relax without thinking you are lazy or you are late for work, make time for yourself! Easter is not a marathon!

6. Read – This is the perfect time to catch up on you reading. There are a lot of stories and adventures ready for you in the fantasy world of fiction.

7. Go to church – Have a quiet and peaceful time that will relax you and give you the strength to carry on when you find yourself in difficult times. Well yes, sometimes it helps more than anything in the world.

8. Organize a lunch with friends and family – Have some quality time with the ones you love and try out new recipes.

9. Enjoy the simple things – A smile, a bouquet of roses, a delicious dinner with your family, the simple joys in life make the true happiness.

10. Stay fabulous!

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Norma
Fabulous table setting and flowers: Raluca Toma

Outfits: Rodica Lazar: Nissa by Fabulous Muses, Olimpia Melinte: Nissa by Fabulous Muses,
Alina&Diana: Maria Lucia Hohan

Make-up: Roxana Minea
Hair: Nicoleta Manuela Birsan



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