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philips sonicare_periuta de dinti_fabulous_muses_phlipsWe use Philips Sonicare for 5 months now and we are totally in love with it. No way to have tophus anymore. This is the reason we always travel with this amazing tootbrush in our cosmetic bag. The normal electric toothbrushes are not so easy to travel with, but not Philips Sonicare. Why?!philips sonicare_periuta de dinti_fabulous_muses_phlips philips sonicare_periuta de dinti_fabulous_muses_phlipsBecause this toothbrush comes in a fancy light case that looks like a slim clutch and with two brush heads and two charges. So you only need to take your USB with you and you can charge your brush easily. Or you can charge the fancy clutch with a normal USB and your toothbrush is ready to work for 30 days. We totally love this aspect and we dream about an Iphone as fabulous as this Philips Sonicare, with long lasting battery. And when you’re home you have a glass that charges your toothbrush. Smart,right?! The 31.000 brush strokes/ minute will make you angry that you didn’t have this precious toothbrush till now.

If you still need reasons to be 100% convinced you really need it, we sketched 5 reasons to have this toothbrush and take it with you when you travel:

1. Fabulous and White smile
2. Easy and light
3. Addictive
4. Easy to charge and stays charged 30 days
5. 31.000 brush strokes/ minute

Enough we’d say!


Published by Diana Enciu

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