5 workout tips for lazy & busy people

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1workout_tips_fabulous_muses_sfaturi_sportPhrases like “I’m too busy’’, “I’m too tired after my job” or ‘’Today I’m going just to sleep” are often said by many people to avoid working out. But not everything’s lost! We assure you that anyone can exercise, no matter the time or the laziness, you just have to keep active and the results will start to appear. We love exercising and the healthy lifestyle and we made a daily ritual out of it. So here are five steps of how to organize your workout program even if you’re busy or lazy:0workout_tips_fabulous_muses_sfaturi_sport

1. Walk instead of going to the gym: If you are too lazy or too busy to go to them gym, a good way to exercise is walking a lot. Don’t take your car so often and skip a taxi ride on a sunny day and just start walking to your destination. Put your heels in your bag and pick the most comfortable pair of shoes. If you plan on taking a long ride you can listen music and add your most motivational songs to the playlist. Also, pick a road with a lovely view as a park, old houses to increase your wish for walking a lot.

2. Take gym hours before or after work or on lunch breaks: If you can’t motivate yourself in working out and you need a trainer and going to the gym to work out, you must pick a class just before work or immediately after. You won’t lose a lot of time of your day and its easier making sure you won’t skip it. Also, choose a gym really close to your work that you can go to also in a lunch break.

3. Make a list: A list is the simple thing a lazy person can do when organizing its daily activities. After adding everything you do on a daily bases think what 30 minute activity you can replace with an exercise program in term of how much you value an activity. You can skip watching a TV show or speaking a lot on the telephone with an exercising program like running around your neighborhood or in the park or just working out at home watching a fitness program.


4. Less is more! You don’t need to skip an hour long class because you don’t have the energy for it. Instead, try taking a 30 minutes or 15 minute class or just workout on bicycle or a treadmill for as much as you can. It’s better to exercise less than give up on a whole day of practice. Also, by starting exercising you sometime get more energy than you thought you had and you will want to prolong your workout time.

5. Stop inventing excuses and exercise! Lots of excuses can come to your mind when you don’t want to go to the gym or you’re too tired or lazy to do anything. To still keep active in these days try exercising doing an easy workout routine like: climbing the stairs, walking to your meeting, or just doing some basic workout activities around your home.


Published by Diana Enciu

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