Picnic Time – SOON!

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6Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blogThis week will be full of surprises and events! Of course we talk about the big wedding also, but now we talk about the event after Alina’s big day. We should all say yes to new adventures, because next Sunday, on 29th of May, from 1pm you are invited to wander wild and free at Sun’s Day Fest. It’s picnic time so you will receive a complete package for one of a kind boho picnic. Dress code: boho, of course! You better be there to enjoy together the best picnic you ever had in your life! Reservations/info: 0755 708 708. Let’s summer!10Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 2Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 5Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 3Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 9Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 1Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 8Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 0Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog 11Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog4Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Summer_Outfits_Boho_Dress_Best_Fashion_blog

Foto: Iuliana Popescu
Foto Editor: Marius Tatu
Make-up: Roxana Minea
Hair: Nicoleta Emanuela Birsan
Dresses: Corina Vladescu / Hats: Zara / Earrings&Necklace: Zara

YES, WE WILL BE THERE!!!! After the wedding we picnic !!! 


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  • Andreea


    Imi plac extrem de mult tinutele dar si decorul ales pentru picnic!

    Sunteti superbe!

  • Georgeta Dinca

    Ador picnicurile, iar asta e chiar deosebit. Sunteti foarte frumoase!

  • Denisa

    Rochiile voastre sunt superbe!

    (Cafea verde, ulei de cocos/ argan/ jojoba/ avocado/ scortisoara, etc)

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