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best-fashion-blog-romania-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa-elle-russiaWe’ve been waiting for this moment for almost three months, but TADAAAAAA. What do we have here? A new issue of ELLE Russia and an article about us – a special project made in collaboration with Calvin Klein. So here we are, in our most natural shape ever, a series of photos shot during Milan Fashion Week with Ko Inho. Of course we are super happy and proud of these article featured in ELLE Russia and we had to share it with you. Stay tuned because we have another surprise soon! beyonce-cover-elle-russia-best-fashion-blog-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa-coperta-elle-vedete


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Teodora

    My oh my! Ce frumoasa este poza de pe prima pagina! Vreo sansa sa vedem pozele si pe blog? 😀

  • Elena

    Bravo!!! <3 Sunteti superbe! <3

  • Georgeta Dinca

    Aveti un blog superb!

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