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8Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016Consider this your DIY wedding planning checklist! Want to be your own wedding planner? You’re not the only one! Many brides, whether they have budget reasons or just a natural drive to DIY, decide to plan their weddings — and they totally kill it in the end as their own coordinators! But, any experienced bride-to-be and professional planner will tell you it’s a lot of work. With endless amount of decisions, looming deadlines, budgets to manage and miles-long to-do lists to make, planning your own wedding is not simple. So where should you begin if you’re the planner, the executor and the bride? Right here:1Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016 10Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016 9Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016 7Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016 11Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016So here we are. These are the photos we took before the big event that will take place on the 28th of May. It was super fun and we had an amazing time together. But we won’t tell you more about these photos. Just enjoy them! After one wedding (Diana’s) and almost two in less than two weeks (Alina’s), we want to give you some tips. We hope they will help you if you are planning your own wedding or if you are helping your BFF to plan it.

1. Location, location, location: That’s the most important thing. After this decision you will know what kind of wedding you will have.

2. Wedding planner: You will need one even if you are a control freak. If you have a job you can’t have two jobs at the same time. And you want to enjoy your weeding not to work on it, right? You can have ideas and decide everything, but just let someone else to take care of it. For us Alexandra Blaga was (and is) GOLD, and if she survived us she can do your wedding for sure!

3. Wedding theme: Think of one theme and then let Pinterest do all the rest. Think of something that you and your future husband love or something that is fun and cool. Or keep it simple with white and another nice color that you love.0Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016 4Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016 6Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_2016 5Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_20164. Flowers: You will need fabulous flowers and someone to trust with great taste. We were lucky to find the best florist in Bucharest. She is Raluca Toma and she is absolutely amazing. She has great taste, amazing ideas and she is the most amazing person in the world. We don’t do PR. It’s the naked truth.

5. Wedding dress: It’s an easy choice, but also the hardest. From our experience, you have to like it and feel amazing in it. Don’t let you husband see you wearing the dress before the big day! It will be a nice surprise for him. It will be a very special moment. Don’t ruin it!! We choose Romanian designers for our wedding dresses (Diana’s dress was from Eugenia Enciu and Alina’s is from Parlor– be patient .. Soon you are going to see it). Don’t forget about the shoes! You need comfortable ones. It’s the second must if you want to feel fabulous.

6. Candy bar: If you want  20000 calories on a table order a candy bar! Your guests are going to be very happy. Because we wanted something special for our candy bars we have chosen Grace Couture Cakes. They do whatever you dream of and they are superrr good. So, we love Grace!! 3Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_20167. Photo booth: You want to have fun and have cool photos?! A photo booth is a MUST.  You can buy extra props from etsy or even (we bought sunglasses, hats, funny gadgets). It is a nice memory for your guests and even the ones that don’t like photos will love this amazing machine. We work with Smybox because we love the quality of the photos and the entire concept.

8. Day or night wedding? We will advise to have a day wedding. Better photos, better light. And you will feel much better for sure. Cause if you are not on your 20s…to loose a night is not so fab anymore. So a daytime wedding is better, but whatever, as you wish. In the end it’s your wedding, so you decide.

9. Food : You need good food for your guests, because food makes people happy and you want happy friends! So, go and try everything from the menu before the wedding and make sure you like everything. You don’t want your guests to say the food was just regular, right?!
2Fabulous_Wedding_Party_Alina_Tanasa_Diana_Enciu_Fabulous_Muses_nunta_201610. Music. Think and rethink. A Dj?! A Dj and a band?! Think of your guests and what kind of people they are. Think of your budget because a wedding is not cheap at all and maybe you want to go on a honey moon after the big event. So think of everything very well and decide on a budget. You are the most important at the end of the day. You and him.

Weddings are fun. Marriage is the difficult part, but be smart and make the best of your relationship. It’s hard and challenging to stay with the same person forever. But it’s not impossible. Be wise and make the marriage a journey and the journey an adventure and the adventure a way of life. Good luck !!!!

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Foto: Tibi Vintur
Foto editor: Marius Tatu
Dresses:  Maria Lucia Hohan / Ludmila Corlateanu
Location: Mazilique Studio / Cakes: Grace Couture Cakes / Flowers: Raluca Toma / balloons:
Make-up: Roxana Minea 
Hairstyle: Nicoleta Emanuela Birsan

Thank you: Teodora Talavutis, Alina Eremia & Miruna Tanase 
Concept&Production: Fabulous Muses




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