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10Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_WardrobeIt’s time for a well-deserved vacation! We have already planned our trips for this summer and now all we have to do is think of the perfect items for all the magic locations we are going to visit! Because we love to travel in style and we have a lot of experience when we talk about travelling, trends and packing, we will tell you a bit about 5 must have items you shouldn’t miss. What to pack for this summer, according to the newest trends. Marina Yachting helped us a lot with its fabulous collection.5Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe 11Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe 4Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe 6Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe 12Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe 3Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe7Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe1Marina_Yachting_Summer2016_Collection_Fabulous_Muses_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa_Holiday_Wardrobe
1. Stripes Win again! Stripes are amazing every season, but especially in the summer. But why do we love them so much? Well, they are easy to match in any outfit, they go great on any occasion – from a walk by night to sailing on a fancy boat, and they are a timeless item in which is always worth investing.

2. Pick sailing knot inspired elements – Prints are always a fabulous detail for your clothes. This season we suggest the sailing  print that looks really elegant and chic and it’s also perfect for a stylish evening in any of your trips.

3. Choose the lucky color combo – For an ideal summer trip, wether you go on the beach or you visit a fabulous city, an easy color combo that you can try is mixing blue with red and white. This combo is very chic, French and the chromatic screams: ,,It’s summer time!’’.

4. Take your favorite pants! We love to wear pants on any of our trips, they are the most comfortable option. But, we definitely love the stylish models and for this summer our top favorite are the ¾ pants – Capri or culottes – this models are very chic and they go great with a blazer or an elegant top or even swimsuits. Also, for the sunny days we love the short pants in neutral colors or even jeans.

5. Don’t forget to accessorise! Scarves are the perfect accessory for a breezy summer by the beach or on a fabulous yacht. The coolest way in which you can wear a scarf this season is on your head – a perfect headband for hot summer days. Pick a scarf with a stylish print or in a bold color instead of a hat. For example, a blue blazer will go great with a small red scarf. Don’t dorget you sunglasses! They are also a must!

Foto: Catalin Georgescu
Make-up: Roxana Minea
Nicoleta Birsan 
Location: Reyna Events
Outfits: Marina Yachting 


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