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2olsen_Sisters_style_mary_kate_olsen_fabulous_musesToday Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 30 and to celebrate this fabulous day we gathered 10 interesting facts about their style and their cool and popular fashion brand, The Row, established in 2006.7olsen_Sisters_style_mary_kate_olsen_fabulous_muses 6olsen_Sisters_style_mary_kate_olsen_fabulous_muses 3olsen_Sisters_style_mary_kate_olsen_fabulous_muses1. The queens of boho style – We all love a boho look and outfit and we often choose one, but did you know that  Olsen Sisters were one of the first fashion icons in the last years who made this style a must have?! Their long dresses, wavy hair and cool round glasses made this look very popular around the world. And this style really fits them perfectly!

2. They were always fashionable – Michelle Tanner, the character from ‘’Full House’’ that made both of them really famous was also a fashionista. She often wore clothes from Chanel or Marc Jacobs, cut down to children sizes.

3. They have a luxurious fashion brand – The twins created The Row in 2006 with the purpose to make the perfect basic and timeless pieces for any wardrobe and they have succeeded their mission really well.

4. It all started with a white tee – In 2004 they made the perfect white tee which everybody loved, after that made other timeless piece such as a tank top and a dress and then decided to make a brand out of it. Today a tee from their fashion label sells at 690 liras.1olsen_Sisters_style_mary_kate_olsen_fabulous_muses 0olsen_Sisters_style_mary_kate_olsen_fabulous_muses
5. Popular brand, popular designers – The Row sells very popular luxury timeless pieces around the world, that are also loved by fashion critics. The two sisters have become one of the most acclaimed design teams in the fashion industry and in 2012 they won the CFDA award for ,,Womenswear Designer of the Year’’.

6. They seek an older audience: They say that The Row goes better for an older market aka an educated consumer who really knows what to shop and in which pieces it needs to invest.

7. They also have a second designer brand – We are talking about Elizabeth and James, a brand founded in 2007 to fit the modern woman and also making the perfect balance between feminine and masculine elements.
8.What they love – They are fashion icons who also have some favorite fashion icons. Mary Kate really loves Gigi’s Hadid style and Ashley likes how Amber Heard dresses.
150813-news-olsentwins olsen-twins-future-fashion-021 the-olsen-twins-are-being-sued-by-an-intern-accusing-their-company-of-overworking-interns-without-pay
9. Their perfect look – Talking about the perfect look, Ashley says she loves comfort: a silk blouse, denim items, loafers, scarves and an big bags are the perfect elements for her day to day outfit. In addition to that, Mary Kate adores old textiles and the denim pieces from Elizabeth and James. But also, her vintage jewelry and glasses mixed with button down shirts from The Row and some classic pumps.

10. They always loved long clothes – Long dresses and blouses it’s what defines the Olsen style. They explain they have always loved this style and the covered and layered look. It’s mainly because as they were growing up their mother taught them not to let their belly button exposed.


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