16Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016The Blonde Muse got married and here they are – THE PHOTOS! We know you expected them for so long and finally we post them today. This magic wedding was like a fairytale in the middle of the day. And when blonde muse is happy we all are happy around her. And how could it be different with all those wonderful details, with that sunny day, with that blue sky, with all the laughter we had, will all the happy guests who enjoyed every single minute of this wedding?  We can say it now as we could say it back then…IT WAS DIVINE! And now we can both introduce ourselves as two married fabulous muses:) And it is not bad at all! Married life is even better than we ever thought!

10Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta20168Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 9Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 0Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 2Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 6Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 33Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 0R3A0270 copy colaj2 lilebuba colaj6 lilebuba 14Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 12Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 11Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 13Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 And when you get too emotional and you cannot find your words, you call a dear friend and ask her to say a few words about the magic day, so thank you Dana for all these kind words:
‘If you are a wedding lover you would have loved their wedding, but if you aren’t a wedding person at all, oh!you would have definitely adored their wedding. Arriving at the Wedding House was like entering in a magic realm. Everything was picture perfect. Every single detail was well planned. The bride and the groom combined two of their passions as their wedding theme: Fashion and Travel. Every table had city names (Paris, Milan, New York, London) and lots of beautiful details: magical hanging flowers, pink and white peonies, world globes etc. There was beauty everywhere and that for sure created a unique and unforgettable atmosphere for everyone who was there. There was one-of-a-kind experience with the buffet provided by Pop-Up Dinner. The food, a mix of French, Italian, English and American food, was exquisite, delicious. Hat off to all the catering staff. The cocktails had the same ‘travel touch’ and they were served in spectacular combinations. Last but not least, the Candy bar. All the cakes and sweets were incredibly beautiful but also super tasty. Grace team is passionate and super creative in their work. It’s impossible not to love them. Not to forget the presents for the guests: sweet little succulents wrapped in pieces of an old atlas. It was a wonderful time for joy and laughs, a wonderful time to celebrate Alina and Dragos and their love for each other. Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde! Dana_Chels ‘4Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 32Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 19Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 18Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 22Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 20Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 21Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 15Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta201623Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016 31Fabuloasasemarita_alina_tanasa_diana_enciu_fabulous_muses_blogger_wedding_famous wedding_nunta2016
Thank you all for being there with us and thank you for the good energy, for all the messages and for thinking of us on 28th May.  Means the World to us. Thank you Andreea B.  for helping me find the most beautiful vintage World Globes for my wedding decor. I’m forever in your debt. And to my dear Alexandra, thousands thanks – everything was more than perfect. Thank you for everything.

AAAnd YEES! Now we are both married and the best is yet to come, for sure.

Movie: Iuliana Popescu 

Location: The Wedding House
Food: POP UP Dinner
Wearing: Bride: Parlor Dress, Oscar Tyie Sandals, Raluca Toma Bouquet, Headpiece: Efrat Cassouto , Concepto Leather Jacket / Godmother: Maria Lucia Hohan Dress, Raluca Toma Bouquet, Bridesmaids: Diana: Atelier Eugenia Enciu dress & Gordana Dimitrijevic sandals| Miruna&Teo: Maria Lucia Hohan Dress
Groom: Marsay Suit, Il Passo Shoes
Make-up: Roxana Minea  Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu
Flower decorations: Raluca Toma
Candy Bar: Grace Couture Cakes
Popcorn: Kukuruz 
Ice-cream: Motitz Eis
Best coffee: 2Minutes
Little Plants: Plante Cadou
Photo booth: SmyBox

Event Coordinator: Blaga Events




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