One Way to Whiter Teeth

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6Fabulous_Muses_Philips_Sonicare_Toothbrush_Diana_Enciu_Alina_TanasaOur smile  is one of the first things that people notice about us and as you probably know already a healthy, fabulous and magic smile is not achieved overnight. And as we are not Samantha to use a combination of incantations, nose twitch and finger waving to get what we want in an instant, we had to work on our smile and appearance.
4Fabulous_Muses_Philips_Sonicare_Toothbrush_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa 2Fabulous_Muses_Philips_Sonicare_Toothbrush_Diana_Enciu_Alina_TanasaWe love to smile, some like it, some not, some think it is natural, some fake, but this is who we are and since it gives us good vibes and positive energy we SMILE! 3PHILIPS SONICARE 0Fabulous_Muses_Philips_Sonicare_Toothbrush_Diana_Enciu_Alina_Tanasa

Yes it’s much easier to be sad and complain, but we choose the other side, the bright side, the white side and we have a good friend by our side. You know the name of this friend, we told you so many stories about our pal, you already read about its magic tricks…We talk about Philips Sonicare Toothbrush which been a trustworthy friend in the last 6 months and made the impossible possible?

What do we mean by this? It removed up to 7x more plaque, improved gum health and whitened our teeth 2x better. What do you need more?! For us was enough and after these months we can say that we are happy with this elegant toothbrush and we’ll never let it go.

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Outfits: ATU BODY COUTURE / Gordana Dimitrijevic Yellow Sandals
Make-up: Adriana Haloiu


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