10 Things You Need This Summer

Enjoy summer while it lasts. And most of all enjoy it a maximum level, be happy and stay fashionable! To help you have the perfect vacation, we gathered about ten essential items for this summer that will help you have an amazing and stylish time. Here are out top favorite things to have:

1. Pool floats: If you go to the pool go in style and take fabulous pictures. That’s why you need pool floats in exotic shapes like a flamingo or an ice cream

2. Printed&funny swimsuits: This summer the one piece suits came back in fashion so choose a printed one with a cool message. Also, always go for a funny suit with a message or print that will represent you or that will start a conversation on the beach.

3. Hats with messages: What‘s better on the beach than a fabulous wide brim hat with a cool message? It will be very original and everybody will notice it. You can find them here

4. Sunglasses in fun shapes: When you go at the pool or at the beach choose some sunglasses in a fun shape like hearts, starts or even pineapples. It’s summer so be playful! You can shop them here or here

5. Fabulous jewelry: For your summer vacation pick leather bracelets with aquatic elements like blue stones or shell shaped charms. You can shop them here

6. A cool kimono: Except your fun swimsuit, choose also a colorful kimono with a summer print. It will be the perfect outfit for a lazy day at the beach. Shop it here

7. Comfy slippers: The masculine and sporty slippers are very cool for this summer and really chic! You can pair them with shorts but also with a romantic dress. Find them here

8. The perfect summer dress: From a white dress, to one with a floral model or navy stripes, a romantic and comfy dress for summer is the perfect item for your vacation. You can shop one here or here

9. A yummy cocktail: For a sunny day at the beach we choose a Piña Colada, a yummy and refreshing cocktail that will make you think you’re in an exotic island.

10. Your best friend: Of course, there is no perfect vacation without your best friends. Make time for a fun vacation at the sea with your friend or take her out at a fabulous pool like this one


                                                    Location: Younivers Summer Club 



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