9fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyleBack to one of our favorite trips…Thailand’s capital is more than temples and souvenir markets. Bangkok ‘s traffic is pure madness and the route of a normal tourist is a constant struggle to get from one temple to another and getting tired quickly because the atmosphere is overwhelming. Because this huge city has a list full of secrets and surprises we gathered a few ideas for you to fully enjoy your next trip to Bangkok.
7fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 10fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 6fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 8fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 11fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 5fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 3fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 2fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 1fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle 0fabulous_muses_visit_bangkok_thailand_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_streetstyle

1. Sofitel Bangkok Hotel. For some trips is best to choose budget options but for some other you have to splurge a little. This city is definitely the occasion. In order to do that we recommend you the most stylish and mind blowing hotel. Monsieur Christian Lacroix’s signature emanates all over the hotel. You can recognize his designs from the staff uniforms to the design stamps at the Club Signature lounge.

2. Cycling around Bang Krachao. It’s a unique attraction in Bangkok and still unknown for many tourists. You’ll escape the crowds and the noise in the green lungs of Bangkok. The peaceful lanes can take you to different ancient temples or to a fancy café inside The Bangkok Tree House.

3. Take me tour. They offer a large variety of personal tours: 1-day history tour, street food tours, temples tours, etc. Booking tours with local experts it’s never been easier. Check HERE

4. Bangkok has an endless range of international restaurants. TripAdvisor is the best way to find restaurants in Bangkok. Check and trust the reviews on TripAdvisor. In case you have trust issues we recommend you a cool food community. The commons Market is a gourmet food market in an open space market where they’re cooking with the best ingredients and you find bonus an amazing atmosphere.

5. Floating Markets. To really fell and experience the authentic lifestyle of Thai people, strolling along at least one of the most culture-oriented floating markets. They are outside the city but you can pay a driver for a day to take you there. It’s cheap and you are gonna love the experience for sure.



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