1fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscinaYou know what’s the greatest gift someone can receive in this life? It’s friendship. And we have received it. Little is needed for spending a perfect day: friends. During summer it’s way easier to unwind and forget about stressful matters and the loads of work we have to do. We have a few  particularly things in mind when thinking about a fun day with friends: sharing sweet pleasures together by a blue water& flamingo floats, talking about good things, making plans, appreciating each other, encouraging each other. We love our friends because they have dreams and desires and ambitions. We love collecting moments with our best friends.14fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 6fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 11fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 8fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina16fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 2fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscinaSo every now and then turn off your screen and go out and enjoy life.  Make the best of every day. Keep your heart grateful and your mind positive. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget all the bad things. Make every day special!

We will surely enjoy this summer more than ever with our best friends. They are the people in our lives who makes us laugh louder, smile brighter and live better. Summer is that all magical season, when every trip, be it short or long, becomes an escape, every vacation – a dream come true, every journey – an adventure. There is no better time to feel pure joy, freedom and fun, and we confess: we’ve got Summer on our minds and PANDORA in our hearts.

9fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 0fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 3fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 13fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 7fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscina 12fabulous_muses_pandora_summer2016_collection_youniverse_piscinaWe just can’t get enough of the lush and exqusite hand-finished jewelry from the new Summer Collection, with its relaxing hues of teal and frosty mint, or its energetic crimson red colors. Inspired by Ocean worlds and Oriental designs, PANDORA creates unique interpretations of exotic blooms, Asian fans, geometric patterns and ancient motifs, bringing us tales from far, far away and inviting us to write our very own #SummerStories. All we have to do is mix & match the precious jewels, and then close our eyes and let our imagination run free, taking us from the edge of the pool to exotic beaches and tropical paradises.

Don’t forget: sizzling hot Summers deserve cool jewelry from PANDORA.

Foto: Iuliana Popescu
Location: YoUnivers Summer Club
Make-up: Roxana Minea
Hairstyle: Nicoleta Birsan
Outfits:Alina: touchskindeep.com swimsuit, Moschino Sunglasses/ Diana: Fendi Sunglasses
Jewelry: PANDORA




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