4FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClubThis late summer days offer us lots of golden afternoons. And lately we have decided to spend them in this place, we never told you about Stejarii Country Club. We love it for being so unique and practical: It’s the place to relax, to stay fit, to explore, to be selfish and think only about you and what you need. Our Editorial for Giuseppe Zanotti deserved a unique location and a different swing. We know that heels and grass field it’s not a perfect match, but in order to make something unique we choose to readjust and play by new rules. We chose golf for this editorial because it’s one of the sports that has always valued style. We have to be honest: it’s more intense and elaborate than we have imagined. With a lot of practice, you will get hooked easily. Murmur Clothing was our choice for the most stylish golf apparel. After our lessons with our teacher, we put the heels on and we have done what we know best. Some piece of advice?! Don’t try this on the golf field! Try it at home! Make sure you have some red wine too!8FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 6FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 0FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 5FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 3FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 11FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 7FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 1FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub 2FabulousMuses_GiuseppeZanotti_DianaEnciu_AlinaTanasa_StejariiCountryClub

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Stejarii Country Club
Wearing: Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals & Bag, Murmur Outfits, Manokhi Leather Handcuffs, Black Leather Corset & Red Leather Visor Hedare
from Victoria 46, Sunglasses Medical Optik
Makeup: Roxana Minea



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