0fabulous_muses_loft_wedding_beach_wedding_dress_cocktail_dress_loft_mamaia copyIf you are searching for fairytale weddings, the beach weddings are the best example in the world. You can have a simple and chic wedding dress or a sparkling one, you can ask all your guests to wear white for a flawless scenario or exotic prints, you have so many options you cannot imagine. From tropical islands to European beaches, you can write your story anywhere by the sea and have the wedding of your dreams, like our friend Monica had just a few months ago. Today we have a Top 3 best beach weddings:
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  1. MONICA & JULIEN DUCARROZFor their beach wedding that took place at Loft Mamaia Beach, Romania, Monica worn an embellished dress made by the Romanian designer Cristina Savulescu. The venue was surrounded by palm trees, white flowers and dreamy lights for a wedding to remember! The bridesmaids wore pink and the sea elements inspired the deco objects placed at this beautiful event. Famous artists sang for the guests on a beach stage and everybody had a great time. At the end the fairytale wedding continued with fireworks and champagne. Pure magic!1beachwedding_nunta_plaja_loft_monica_munteanu_fabulous_muses 6beachwedding_nunta_plaja_loft_monica_munteanu_fabulous_muses 10beachwedding_nunta_plaja_loft_monica_munteanu_fabulous_muses 9beachwedding_nunta_plaja_loft_monica_munteanu_fabulous_muses 8beachwedding_nunta_plaja_loft_monica_munteanu_fabulous_muses 5beachwedding_nunta_plaja_loft_monica_munteanu_fabulous_muses
    2.  GAB VALENCIANO & TRICIA CENTENERAThe selfie King Gab Valenciano married last year the blogger Tricia Centenera. The wedding took place in Boracay, a beautiful island in Philippines, and this was their second celebration of their marriage. As a gorgeous deco piece, the couple had a pink bohemian tent next to the sea and the word ‘’Love’’ written in big white letters was standing next to it. Also, they had a printed sailor boat and also the guests were sited by finding their vintage key tight with a beautiful blue lace. They picked white to decorate the wedding venue and beautiful flowers were all over the place. Also, as a fun factor all the guests were given personalised passports and boarding passes to the wedding as an invitation. This is for sure a great example of a gorgeous and relaxed beach wedding! Gab-and-Tricia-Wedding-Boat Gab-and-Tricia-Wedding-Entourage Gab-and-Tricia-Wedding Gab-and-Tricia-Wedding-Reception


    In June, the model and street style star Helena Bordon had her second wedding ceremony with financier Humverto Meirelles in a luxury Caribbean spot in St. Barts. The Brazilian bride worn a dress designed by Francisco Costa, the creative director of Calvin Klein women’s wear. The beautiful wedding venue was placed in front of the sea and next to it was a swimming pool filled with white and purple flowers. Their romantic beach wedding took place under palm trees and under the start lights and was a true fairytale.8HELENA_bordon_beach_wedding_fabulous_muses_nunta_plaja 9HELENA_bordon_beach_wedding_fabulous_muses_nunta_plaja 10HELENA_bordon_beach_wedding_fabulous_muses_nunta_plaja



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