AncaCheregi_Best_EditorialPhotographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview (3)She is the epitome of delicacy. She lives and breathes elegance. Her photography has an elegant, classic, glamorous and feminine style. Her work is a dreamy mix of soft shapes and bright hues, presenting quintessential Romanian beauties. Hope you’ll reminiscing over her beautiful work as much as we do every single time. It’s been a pleasure to learn more about you. Thank you Anca CheregiAncaCheregi_Best_EditorialPhotographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview (2)

1.Anca, tell us a few words about you and your upbringing.

I grew up in Oradea, studying mostly Mathematics and Computer Science in school; however, my passion for art drove me to try all sorts of hobbies: ballroom dancing, playing the guitar, drawing. My mother, a very artistic person, has always encouraged me towards creating things with my own hands. My inclination towards art and my background studies in Mathematics determined me to become an architect, so currently I am studying Architecture and Interior Design in Cluj-Napoca, while also working as a graphic designer and fashion photographer.

2.Tell us about your journey into photography.

I first discovered photography when I was around 14 and my older sister got herself a camera. We started doing projects together and while she was more inclined towards still life, I realized I loved taking pictures of her. The next obvious step was photographing my beautiful classmates. I quickly found that I am most inspired by women and their inner beauty, so at first I thought of myself as a portrait photographer. The love for fashion evolved in me a little later, mostly under the guidance of my best friend, muse and mentor, the model Fiica Balancan.
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3.How would you describe your work and aesthetic to us?

I still feel most inspired by my models; in my photographs you will see beautiful, captivating, dreamy women. I love minimalism, simplicity, natural light. However, my aesthetic and style is constantly changing, as I try to learn and evolve more and more with each photoshoot and try new moods, lightning setups and post-processing techniques. I think the only thing that does not change in my photography is the fact that I am a woman, and I approach it in a feminine, romantic and delicate way. Whether I’m shooting a campaign with the dreamiest dresses or an editorial with harsh red light, I’ll still find a way to make it romantic.

4.From your perspective, what are the most important qualities for a photographer?

I believe a good photographer needs a better sense of perspective than most people have; this is something I still need to work on. Finding the right angles, the perfect light, the most flattering crop all require looking at the world in a more tridimensional way than non-photographers. I also think that photographers and artists in general need to act human, above all. The misunderstood artist act is very out of fashion – our generation is all about being a professional, showing up on time, doing your job and treating everyone with respect.

AncaCheregi_Best_EditorialPhotographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview (8) AncaCheregi_Best_EditorialPhotographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview (7) AncaCheregi_Best_EditorialPhotographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview (5)

5.Could you please talk about a dream project?

My dreams include working with international models – currently I’m in love with Andreea Diaconu and Alice Paunescu. As I’ve said, to me, the model makes about 80% of the photoshoot. Other than that, I think what makes a project perfect is the team – if everybody is on the same page, that is when I can be relaxed and take my time to shoot. The perfect photoshoot, to me, is a relaxing one, where nobody is stressed out or under any pressure. I like to take my time and find the right angle, the ideal light, to compose everything properly.
6.What kinds of things outside of photography are you inspired by?

Music inspires me a lot – I find it the most compelling form of art. I love reading literature, as it relaxes my mind and helps me be more creative. Traveling is also a big part of my life; we regularly take trips, both around Romania and outside the country, and that really helps me keep inspired.
7.What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up around 8 in the morning, crammed between my boyfriend and our cat. We drink coffee together on the balcony, and then I start my laptop, put on some music and start working – editing, graphic design or school work. Sometime along the day I probably have some faculty courses I need to attend; if I have a photoshoot, I’ll probably spend about an hour stressing over it, preparing my gear, not finding everything I need, getting saved by my boyfriend. I’ll watch over the make-up and hair routine, chatting with everyone. I only relax completely when I am behind the camera, shooting. At the end of the day, my boyfriend and I cook dinner together and watch a movie or read.

AncaCheregi_Best_EditorialPhotographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview AncaCheregi_Best_EditorialPhotographer__Fabulous_Muses_Fashion_Icon_Interview (6)

8.Tell us a few words about your personal style:

I love comfortable clothes, in soft fabrics that feel good on my skin. I dress mostly in black, grey, nudes, desaturated colors. I love clean cuts and minimalistic outfits. My style can be best described by the words effortless, minimal, casual.

9.Favorite places in Cluj:

One of our favourite ways of spending our time is eating out and trying out different restaurants. Currently, we love the outdoor terraces at Carousel, Napoli Centrale and Casa Boema. We spend a lot of time in the Museum’s Square, the park, the Botanical Garden and if the weather is good we’ll get out of the city and drive for 15 minutes to the hills of Faget.


10.Would you share with us your beauty essentials?

While I do use a lot of make-up, especially around my eyes (cat eye is my “signature look”), I believe that a woman has to look just as good when waking up in the morning, bare faced. I try to take good care of my skin, thoroughly remove my make-up and exfoliate. Until I was around 20 (I am 22 now) I never felt the need to use moisturizer, but now it has become a very important part of my beauty routine. Every day I take about 20 minutes in the morning to do my make-up and 10 minutes in the evening to clean my face. Other than that, I consider myself to be pretty low maintenance.




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