The Look Of You

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“The look of you” is PANDORA’S new campaign inspired by the unique style of women throughout the world. The look of you is the way you want to be perceived by the rest of the world. The look of you is blending clothes, accessories, feelings and attitude altogether. PANDORA features his new Autumn Collection 2016 with versatile, on-trend jewelry treasures. PANDORA’S Universe is defined by responsibly sourced and carefully selected materials, hand finished jewelry, where each model turns into a charm.

This campaign brings together both international and local Fashion Bloggers. We are honored to be a part of this project where we explore trends, style and unicity among stylists as Caroline Issa, Micaela Erlanger and Rebecca Corbin-Murray.

We can express our unique personality through jewelry. Combining jewelries is the confidence touch to our outfits. We will show you how to pair PANDORA jewelry with our favorite Fall Trend.

According to legend, a love-struck sailor gave a Venetian girl an aquatic plant called “trina delle sirene”—mermaid’s lace. The girl was so taken with it that she immortalized its beautiful form with fine threads. The art of lace was born out of desire and beauty, the same things that drives our love for this timeless beautiful trend.

Fall is the perfect season for experimenting, for becoming the women you always wanted to be, adopting new styles or improving your own. Lace is a present trend this Fall too. And it’s with no doubts our favorite.  While styling lace we have endless possibilities: with jeans, under cashmere sweaters, with crepe blazers. In terms of accessories we choose mixing smaller necklaces with larger pendants in varied lengths to create a powerful statement.


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