Top 5 FW Hairstyles

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cover-2We hate a bad hair day and to avoid this kind of situations we always think of an easy way to do our hairstyles to make us to look great at a party or at a day of work. So, we looked for 5 fabulous hairstyles for fall winter that will be very cool to wear and try. Here are our top picks and he hope they will save you in a messy hair day and help you have a gorgeous look:wavy-hairstyle-at-versace wavy-hair-bcbgThe wavy look

The loose waves are a fabulous trend for this season that can go great with your day to day outfits. Also, this look is pretty similar to the beach waves so it will remind you of the summer. This wavy style is also very easy to make, you can just braid you hair or use buns when sleeping. So, being a very easy to do hairstyle, this will be the perfect look for work or when you go out and you’re in a like-a-queen-tommy-hilfigerLike a queen

Think about aristocracy for the new season’s looks. If you love fabulous hair accessories like crowns or jeweled clips, now it’s the time to start wearing them! So think big and royal and pick hair accessories that will make your look elegant and refined.

fabulous-knot-marchesa fabulous-knot-temperley-londonThe fabulous knot

From a loose knot to a perfect one, this hairstyle is very popular in the fall-winter season that’s soon to come. We love the messy look for a day to day style and for a classy evening we would choose a perfect knot, styled with a pair of statement earrings.

all-tied-down-kate-spade all-tied-down-sunoAll tied-down

This season you have to be creative with the tied down pony tail. You can wrap it up in a black ribbon like in the Suno fashion show or make a cute bow like in the Kate Spade runway show.  These really feminine looks make you look like you’re in a fairytale and they also give you an elegant twist to your outfits. This look is perfect for a fancy evening or for a chic day at work.

80-power-topshop-unique 80-power-burberry’80 Power

If you love the hairstyles with lots of volume, get inspired by the ’80 look and add a modern touch to your hairdo. From small thick curls, to a XXL volume and a cool rich texture, the ’80 look is really fun at a party of even a wedding or a cool festival. Moreover, the perm look is back on and goes great with an ’80 inspired outfit, a trend that’s really powerful this season.


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