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Alexia’s illustrations are beautiful works of art. They’re bursting with a refreshing and joyful energy. Her naïve and versatile style has earned her quite an extensive list of clients and projects. Alexia has a very unique way of giving life to stories: a simple yet captivating way of storytelling. The color palette she uses is subtle and vibrant, which highlights a dreamy state of mind.  Thank you Alexia from sharing so much beauty with us.
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1.Could you please share with us a little about your childhood?

My childhood was full of surprises. I was a lonely kid, always crafting clothes for my dolls with my mother or drawing. When I learned how to read, I discovered a new Universe and everything changed. I never had a lot of friends and I had to enjoy my own company most of the time. Which turned out to be really fulfilling.

2.How did you discovered your talent for drawing?

I always had a thing for colors and pencils. It was my mother who discovered my talent, I guess. I had two big hops in my childhood: the “I want to be an architect when I grow up” one and the “I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up”. Now I’m living in my third one, being an illustrator as I’m not a child anymore.

3.How would you describe your illustrations?

As I always say: my work is dreamful and process driven.

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4.What is the most challenging part of your work?

Working for children. It’s a challenge to make something that can actually relate to them. We tend to underestimate them and to treat them with unjustified care when it comes to powerful stories.

5.Do you have a certain project that you can refer as your greatest achievement to date?

It will always be THAT project I can’t mention because I can’t let out secrets when it comes to new collaborations. But It’s something with plates and illustrations that triggers my joy these days. I love with all my heart my last illustrated book; it will be published next month at Nemira Publishing. It’s my favorite Romanian tale.

6. Where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere. My inspiration comes from everything I read, listen or see. It really is a good experience to go outside and really look at things, trees or birds.


7.How difficult is for you to not be influenced by other Illustrators’ work?

The fear of “influences” comes with the beginning, but you kind of lose it on the way. It’s part of the process of creating your own true ideas and values when it comes of your work. I learned that you can’t be influenced by other artists and illustrator’s work, but the secret is to internalize these few and unique elements in your work in your own personal style.

8.What is a dream collaboration?

I’d love to work on a picture book with an experienced publisher in this kind of books.

9.How does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up and drink my coffee. My husband always takes care of this tiny aspect of my day. And then begins my daily chaos with sketches and notebooks. I’m not an organized kind of person. I’m trying to make time for reading too. It’s an important part of my daily routine, it keeps me sane.

10. What piece of advice you always carry with you?

“Don’t let life pass you.” – it’s a piece of advice my art teacher used to tell me when I overslept. Now I try to wake up at 9am everyday and not let moments pass by without living the fullest. Even if it’s just writing emails or making soup.

alexiaudriste_best_illustrator-fabulous_muses_fashion_icon_interview alexiaudriste_best_illustrator_fabulous_muses_fashion_icon_interview-1BY DANA CHELS


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