3chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_musesIn a fragrance, there is nothing worse than useless ingredients. — says the prodigal son in the world of Perfumery-Olivier Polge. Born into fragrance royalty (his father, Jacques Polge, was Chanel’s master perfumer since 1978) Olivier succeeds with its fragrances since the 2000s.  In 2013 he took over his father’s post at the house of Chanel, and since then he’s reinventing classic scents and he keeps breaking long-lasting traditions. Chanel No5, created in 1921 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and Ernest Beaux, the number one best selling perfume in the world evolved now into a modern version: Chanel No5 L’Eau.

0chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_muses 9chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_muses 8chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_muses 4chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_muses 6chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_muses 2chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_muses 5chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_muses 7chanel_no5_leau_new_chanel_fragrance_fabulous_musesAt the launch of this new fragrance, he said that he had worked a lot on – the “dynamic aspect” of the fragrance. “I wanted to tell the story in a different way and with very contemporary aspect. Natural, raw ingredients are almost fragrances by themselves. The idea was to go on the edge of still being No.5 but to bring it as far away as I could as well”.

L’Eau still contains No. 5’s main floral pillar — May rose — which has been carefully sourced from Grasse since 1921. The flowers only bloom two weeks a year during May, and, once picked, must be transported to the factory within two-and-a-half hours to maintain their robust scent.”

Lighthearted, modern, youthful and transparent are an accurate description on what we feel about this new era of Chanel’s fragrance.

Foto: Anca Cheregi
Foto edit: Tibi Vintur
Decor: Din Vitrina

Wearing: Fandacsia Hats, Oana Lupas Dress – on Alina, Parlor Dress – on Diana




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