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1new_chanel_no5_fragrance_2016fragrance_fabulous_musesYou’re a big fan! We all are and because Chanel team loves to surprise us, they launched the NEW No.5. N0.5 L’eau is a rewriting of a myth and the boldness to transform heritage into a contemporary tale. A new momentum, the freshest version of Chanel No. 5. What makes it more special than it was? The vibrant presence of citrus zests reveals the familiar aromas of lemon, neroli, orange and tangerine revitalised by aldehydes. The ylang-ylang enhances all the nuances of a bouquet also made of May rose and jasmine from Grasse and the union of cedar and white musk notes reveal a new, fresh sensitivity. We have a really amazing photoshoot with Chanel and we cannot wait to publishit and share it with you, but till then if you need more to be conviced by the new  N°5 L’EAU just click here.
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