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1tiffany-jewelry-tiffany-eyeglasses-fabulous-muses-noblesseToday’s story is about Femininity. Everybody’s raving about it, they are all using it as an inspiration for their collection. The collections are exuding what femininity should look like. Culturally too, this subject it’s heightened: there is a female running for the US presidency. It’s time to readjust the universal view of femininity and the opportunity for women to redefine what femininity looks like. And to be a more accurate observer we need the proper eyeglasses. And TIFFANY &CO is just the right choice.
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Currently in fashion, the most powerful statement is made by Maria Grazia Churi, the first woman to head the house of Christian Dior. She affirms that there is not just only one kind of women. Women can’t be defined in one word. Her collection was inspired by fencing uniforms, partly because they are unisex, and by the utility of it. “Creating clothes for women whose lives have become over-scheduled and who have neither the time nor the inclination to indulge in a wardrobe that requires an excessive amount of effort.”

Most of the designers are featuring femininity through softness, delicacy. Women, says them, must be soigné. Ermanno Scervino says femininity is about Seduction. For Simone Rocha femininity is a very precise balance between edgy and boyish elements. “I want my clothes to give the feeling of wearing something remarkable.”

Miuccia Prada stands for femininity too: “Fashion touches you, your body, your fears, your most intimate things; it’s a very delicate subject. I like to be subtly political. Fashion must do its part, but infiltrate the spirits, rather than making big declarations with no result.”

Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, creative director of Hermès International, says femininity can be “quietly and thoughtfully expressed”. But above all she feels responsible to design clothes with “integrity, without turning women into stereotypes.”

“This concept that the rights of women are equal to those of men is something that needs to be incorporated in all aspects of life, for there to be truly be a difference”

Through this visual story we wanted to express the way we see femininity too. We believe a feminine look should be a balance between a mature and confident wardrobe and a sensual and mysterious attitude.

FOTO: Tibi Vintur


Fabulous Cakes by Grace Couture Cakes 
Location:  Palatul Noblesse 
Outfits: Alina: Murmur Outfit, J. Maurice Shoes, Manokhi Chocker, Tiffany Eyeglasses from Medical Optik/
Diana: Murmur Outfit, Manokhi Chocker, Tiffany&Co Eyeglasses from Medical Optik, Saint Laurent Shoes
Make-up: Adriana Haloiu
Hairstyle: Nicoleta Birsan 


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