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cover_gucci_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_musesLast week we’ve got back from Milan Fashion Week and we cannot wait to tell you all about our top 10 favorite SS 2017 shows. We picked our favorite dresses, skirts and tops and we can’t wait for the new season to come to try these trends. Until then, we also want your opinion, so please tell us which show from Milan was your favorite:

alberta_ferretti_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses alberta_ferretti_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 alberta_ferretti_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Alberta Ferretti

From a feminine and hot woman to one that borrowed clothes from her boyfriend, the collection showed the duality of one woman. Also, each outfit was full of romance and elegance and we just loved the ruffed skirt and dresses. “I like the idea of mixing the masculine and the feminine in the way our cultures are mixed”, said the designer about her collection. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

giorgio_armani_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses giorgio_armani_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 giorgio_armani_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Giorgio Armani

Maybe you remember that we had to wait a little bit until the show started, but every minute was worth it! The show was eclectic and presented a lot of exotic elements in the outfits, such as the printed blooms. As we know, Armani had always simple lines and elegant pieces but they also have a cool twist that make these items a must-have. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

ermanno_scervino_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses ermanno_scervino_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 ermanno_scervino_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Ermanno Scervino

The whole collection focused around the idea of beauty. Every detail, every material was chosen to make the person who wears the outfit simply beautiful. Also, the trademark of the brand, the pleated lace, is now even more modern and we simply adore it! WATCH THE SHOW HERE

gucci_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses gucci_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 gucci_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Gucci

All dressed up, yet brokenhearted because the right person is not next to you in a nightclub is the whole idea behind this incredible Gucci show. The outfits reminded us of the ’70 and of Elton John, whom the designer, Alessandro Michele, met earlier this year. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

jil_sander_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses jil_sander_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 jil_sander_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Jil Sander

Rodolfo Paglialunga played with volume and fabrics for the new Jil Sander collection. The shoulder pads were really exaggerated and made us think of an ’80 look. Also, every item was classy and tailored, perfect as a stylish office outfit. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

marni_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses marni_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 marni_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Marni

When we watch a Marni show we are very curious to see the whole new prints Consuelo Castiglioni comes up with. Besides them, for this season she changed the shape of women, giving it volume with huge architectural shoulders and waists filled with enormous fanny packs and backpacks that were very cool and original. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

philosophy-di-lorenzo-serafini_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses philosophy-di-lorenzo-serafini_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 philosophy-di-lorenzo-serafini_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

This collection was simply hot! We adored all the looks inspired by the movie ‘’The Blue Lagoon’’ and a mix between the Victorian style and the extravagant ’80. Wide belts and chic boots defined these breezy outfits that will be perfect for a hot summer day. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

ports1961_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses ports1961_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 Ports 1961

The outfit showed at Ports 1961 made us think about an exotic vacation is a warm destination. The pajama items, the stripes, the masculine tailoring, all the relaxed elements made the collection a chic must-have for the warm season. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

prada_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses prada_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 prada_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Prada

For the Prada show we traveled in Space. The fashion backpack was invented by Prada in 1990 and now we got to see its new 21 century version. And we loved it along with all the tech and sporty outfits showed in this futuristic show. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

tods_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses tods_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 tods_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Tod’s

This collection brought the effortless day to day style to a more luxurious level. The denim, the leather and suede jackets as well as the python details made us wish for summer to come back quickly so that we can get inspired by this fresh Tod’s items.  WATCH THE SHOW HERE


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