Top 10 NYFW Spring 2017 Collections

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cover_proenza_schouler2_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_musesThe summer has just ended but we are already analyzing the future spring trends and looking for our top favorite pieces. We browsed through the shows from New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 and picked our top 10 favorites. Also, please tell us your favorite show, ours was definitely Zimmermann.

zimmermann_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses zimmermann_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 zimmermann_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Zimmerman
We absolutely loved Nicky Zimmermann’s show! The collection is her interpretation of the Eighties thinking of her club days in Sydney, Australia. We loved the unexpected mix of fabrics and also the modern and romantic touch of every outfit. WATCH THE SHOW HERE
altuzarra_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses altuzarra_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 altuzarra_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Altuzarra
Inspired by the movie ‘’Wild at Hear’’, this collection is described by its designer, Joseph Altuzarra, as ‘’something that felt happy, joyous, flirty, and fun”. The python print, the cherries and other fruit such as lemons and pineapples adorned these cute outfits, perfect for a spring vacation. WATCH THE SHOW HERE
tommy_hilfiger__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses tommy_hilfiger__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 tommy_hilfiger__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Tommy Hilfiger
By far the best show setup was at Tommy Hilfiger where the ‘’South Street Seaport’’ was into turned into “Tommy’s Pier’’, filled with carnival attractions. Unlike other designers, Hilfiger showed its FW collection, which was a collaboration with the supermodel Gigi Hadid and as the setup intended, it was inspired by the navy world. WATCH THE SHOW HERE.jason_wu_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses jason_wu_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 jason_wu_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Jason Wu
Wu tough about this collection having as inspiration Ugo Rondinone’s work. The artist is famous for the installation:  Seven Magic Mountains and its work was reflected in the pieces of the designer. From the neon colors, to the shiny foil-like materials and the beautiful flower appliques, every outfit looked amazing! WATCH THE SHOW HERE
victoria_beckham_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses victoria_beckham_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 victoria_beckham_ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham’s collection showed a relaxed woman that can slip on a dress or a pajama with a cool pair of boot and look fabulous! The shiny fabrics brought a glam touch to the show, and also to be more creative, every traditional fabric received a fresh twist. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

ralph_lauren__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3 ralph_lauren_kendall_jenner__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses ralph_lauren_kendall_jenner__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2Ralph Lauren
From a Western girl to an Art Deco fashionista, Ralph Lauren really caught our attention with this fabulous collection. The evening gowns were glam and full of color, and the day to day outfits with fringes, check shirts and leather jackets really convinced us to pick a Western look for the next summer. WATCH THE SHOW HERE.

delpozo__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses delpozo__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 delpozo__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Delpozo
Josep Font showed us he is a very promising designer with this amazing Delpozo collection. Starting from the statement earring and continuing with the volume of each item, we sow every outfit as a work or art and it’s pretty natural, thinking that the designer took his inspiration from the Spanish Impressionist artist. WATCH THE SHOW HERE.

thom_browne__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses thom_browne__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 thom_browne__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Thom Browne
Another name we won’t forget at this Fashion Week is definitely Thom Browne and his extravagant collection featuring preppy pastel clothes matched with fabulous lipsticks. The tailoring of the pieces was very chic and we also loved the cute ties that adorned the outfits that made of think of a tropical summer. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

proenza_schouler__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses proenza_schouler__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 proenza_schouler__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Proenza Schouler
Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez brought a lot of color into this show! The collection had a very positive feeling and to make it, the two designers went to couture ateliers in Paris to pick up on the handcraft techniques they used on the show. All in all, the whole collection was playful, classy and innovative, in one word: fabulous! WATCH THE SHOW HERE.

alice_and_olivia__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses alice_and_olivia__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses2 alice_and_olivia__ss_2017_best_nyfw_collections_fabulous_muses3Alice + Olivia
For this show, Stacey Bendet got her inspiration from the Bomarzo gardens in Rome. The story of the show begins when two little girls stumble upon a pile of tarot cards in a vintage book store, and each card takes them to a different area of Bomarzo. The Alice + Olivia
outfits showed sexy and feminine women, living a romantic fairytale.


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