Some objects don’t need time to impose themselves. In the image of the legendary 2.55, the Boy CHANEL handbag is one of them. It’s become part of the family of emblematic CHANEL bags, with its singular and racy look. Launched by Karl Lagerfeld for the Fall-Winter Ready-to-Wear 2011/12 collection, Boy CHANEL has ever since been revisited by the designer each season. A true fashion accessory, of inescapable luxury, the Boy CHANEL associates know-how with modernity and answers to all the values of excellence of the House.

Karl Lagerfeld chose Alice Dellal to represent the Boy CHANEL for its publicity campaigns. Alice Dellal is ultra modern, expressing all the freedom and audacity that characterizes the Gabrielle Chanel style.
The campaigns resume the spirit of the bag perfectly: one is very rock’n’roll and avant-garde, photographed in a Parisian apartment, the other, in black and white, in a stud farm which reminds one of Gabrielle Chanel’s love of equestrian sport. “It was Gabrielle Chanel’s early life which inspired the campaign. She had a friend called Etienne Balsan, in whose house she lived. He reared horses there. Everything that happened there was linked to horses and equestrianism and she became a very good rider. I was inspired by this period in Gabrielle Chanel’s life and thought that Alice would be perfect to represent a modern version of this horse rider. “

07_khaki-leather-boy-chanel-a92193-y61169-3b080_1_ld 06_multi-coloured-leather-boy-chanel-bag-a67364-y61151-99999_1_ld 05_dark-beige-leather-and-iridescent-tweed-boy-chanel-bag-a67086-y61264-c9939_1_ld 03_multi-coloured-leather-boy-chanel-bag-a67086-y61151-99999_1_ld 02_turquoise-leather-boy-chanel-bag-a67086-y09939-3b222_1_ldFar from the clichés of conventional femininity, the Boy CHANEL with its boyish allure is contemporary yet derives straight from Gabrielle Chanel, a truly emblematic creation of the House whose uniqueness has proved itself here to stay.

          Foto: Press 2016/17 CRUISE COLLECTION




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