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sorin-stratulat-2They are all raving about his talent. He’s the most demanded hair stylist in the Romanian Fashion Industry. His signature, a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic, has appeared in a great number of editorials and covers for magazines such as: Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, One etc., as well as in numerous advertising campaigns. Sorin Stratulat began his career after high school and since then he never stopped.He possesses an incredible extensive portfolio, uncountable awards and titles, but his most important possession is his passion. Hat off for you, Sorin Stratulat

sorin_stratulat_hairstylist_fabulous_muses1.Is there something in your upbringing that stirred your passion for what you do today?

I really think I was born with it (as the add says) my mother is a pastry chef andmy father a former police officer, so no hair related things there. What I remember is that hair attracted meas a child. My mother had a friend with long, long hair and I was always starring at it, being all fascinated and mesmerized

2.At what point did you know that you wanted to work as a hair stylist?

High school was the starting point for me. I experimented onmy sister/ my mother/ mycolleagues, basically anyone who would stand still

3.Could you give us some details about the way you work?

That’s hard…I don’t know… I mean I have a structure of course but it’s somewhere hidden not in the first line. I need to touch hair, to look at the skin, the eyes and most of the times I see what I want to do. It’s like a spontaneous flash of color. When I do editorial I get inspired first, I reflect on the theme, I gather imagery and just absorb it and after a while I can start seeing what I want to do. It sounds bare when you put it in words but once you have the technique the rest is about being sensitive to what it comes your way.

sorin_stratulat_kerastase_hairstylist_fabulous_musesloreal-beauty-project-with-fabulous-muses-blog-34.What do you love most about being a hair stylist?

The never-ending learning process.

5.What is your number one hair care tip?

Hydrate your mane, all the time, never stop

sorin-stratulat6.Beauty to you is…that moment when your inner happiness reflects on the outside

7. Could you tell what qualities should one master in order to became valuable in this line of work?

They are the same as in any line of work: dedication, education, respect and as an extra a good eye for detail.

sorin_stratulat_kerastase_hairstylist_fabulous_muses1loreal-beauty-project-with-fabulous-muses-blog-28.Where do you look for inspiration in your work today?

I take my fair share of google/ insta/ blogs and iPad magazines, but in the same time I buy a lot of art albums, art movies, I goto exhibitions, I listen to a great deal of new artists and search for things forgotten (not all really related to hair).

sorin_stratulat_kerastase_hairstylist_fabulous_muses39. What are some of your biggest career challenges?

Nowadays I strive on becoming #glocal that being based in Romania but working all over the world. I think that the internet really opens an opportunity for us in the smaller countries, without tradition in fashion/ styling and so on. I hope that more of us will do the same and together we can create a path that will be easier to be followed by future professionals.

10. What’s the best piece of advice that was ever given to you in your career?

Be humble, do not get high on success.

Foto: ELLE Romania / Marius Baragan


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