New Year’s Resolutions

03fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasiaSome of us make resolutions all day long and somehow they manage to check them all, but for some, and here we talk about us, the New Year is a monumental time when we feel the need for change. 2016 was full of accomplishments, of joy, weddings, travels, beautiful projects and new friendships and we are thankful as we always are for everything, but 2017 has to come with new resolutions, right?
6fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 4fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia13fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 8fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 7fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia
1. Vlogging. OOOOOH GOD! It was also on 2016 resolutions list and almost nothing happened. But this year something has to change, so keep your eyes on our youtube channel because Fabulous Muses are ready for vlogging.
2. California trip. BIGGEST DREAM! We’ll make the effort to leave for three weeks to make this dream happen.
3. Hello Asia, you are again on our list, so get ready for us!

9fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 11fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 10fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 12fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia
4. This year we want to invest our time and attention in a cause and make the effort to become part o a change. Volunteering is on our list and yes, we’ll make time for this in 2017.
5. And the last one and the most important one. We decided that our photographer, Tibi Vintur, also needs a change, so this year, we will try to make what we know best and what he loves most. In 2017, dear Tibi, don’t worry, we will stress you out and drive you crazy more than we used to. Hope you are happy while reading this. And don’t worry we found out that stress can motivate you, so it’s for your own good:))

2fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 3fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 1fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia23fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 14fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia 15fabulous_muses_diana_enciu_alina_tanasa_cristina_savulescu_manasia

Don’t forget to also realign your goals! 2017 must be fabulous!

Happy New Year to you all and see you in 2017, lovelies

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Domeniul Manasia
Make-up: Tania Cozma  Hair:
Outfits: Pale pink Dresses  & White – Black Feather Dresses – Cristina Savulescu, Pale Pink Satin Dresses & Flower Dresses – Ludmila Corlateanu, Chuncky Beige Sweater – Ioana Ciolacu, Red Sweater – Chemistry Studio, Blue Skirt & Black Dress – Cloche, TriaAlfa White Crystal Earrings, Golden cross earrings – Esacda



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