Alexandra Soare – THE WIZARD OF BACARO

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Today’s story is about harworking people.They are charting the course of their career by the sea, in Constanta. Alexandra Soare and Alexandru Toader are the owners of Bacaro. Everything they do goes beyond making food, and providing a service. From designing the places and creating the menu, everything was made with passion. And that’s what impacts everyone who passes their threshold. For now, they provide relishing meals in a purple evening light at Bacaro Port & Bacaro 2, but we’re waiting impatiently to the day when we’ll open the shutters and we’ll be overwhelmed by the golden morning light and the reflections off the sea in Bacaro Home. Thank you Alexandra for sharing your inspiring story with us.

1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself and your upbringing?

I am an artistic Fire. I have a Master Degree in Tourism! I love streets, small restaurants with traditions and good food, traveling and of course I love to take photos!

2. What was your dream job when growing up?

I grew up in a small apartment in Constanta! I was broke in high school when we had to move … we lived in a beautiful neighborhood with so many kids. I have so many wonderful memories! My dream job was to be chef or waiter, because I grew up in my father’s old restaurant!

3. How did Bacaro Port come to life?

My father already had a restaurant in a different part of the town named Asterix, but meanwhile I changed the name Bacaro (sounds so much better)! I started working there trying to make it more modern, to give it a new face. Unfortunately, the place and the ford didn’t help! I started from scratch (I washed dishes, I worked in the bar a long time, I worked in the kitchen a little too. The sweets attracted me and I started doing all sorts of recipes (the biscuit cake from Bacaro is my own recipe).

My boyfriend worked as a bartender and was promoted to manager in a restaurant in Mamaia) . He decided to come and work with me and my father, so we decided to take a space in Tomis Marina and begin our story on the seashore. The road was quite difficult. It took about a year to find a place of our own. The area was already developed and there were a lot of people looking for a space there, but in the end we found a place. It was destiny … I like to think about it that way.

4.Could you tell us a few words about the beginning of your business?

The beginning was very hard but our enthusiasm, mine and Alex’s, was greater than the difficulties we faced. The ‘architect’ was Alex. I gave him my opinion and there were small elements that I added myself … we completed each other.

We opened on April 23, 2013 only with windows on the front side. We couldn’t afford more investments and thought it would be warmer (but it wasn’t). I could fill a whole page about our beginning and the years following. There were many difficulties to surpass, but life was beautiful …!

5. What is the most challenging part of the work you do?

The most difficult was when I realized that we must satisfy every single client! I hope 90 percent leaves our littles paradises satisfied. This is what I pray and what I work for every day :))

6. What is an average day like for you?

In the first-year Alex was working closing time at the restaurant and I was working openings! But with the time we began to trust our employees and now they open and close the restaurant. After four years, a typical day in our life begins like this: we wake up at 9:00, we take Frank, our dog, out for a walk, then go to the company or Bacaro. I dedicate a great deal of my time updating our Instagram and Facebook and creating new beautiful content.

During the summer our schedule changes. Even though it’s very tiring, it’s when we feel the most satisfied. The restaurant is filled to the brim and the phone rings continuously.

7. How do you find balance between your work and your relationship?

We have worked together for almost four years now. Many have said that it’s not normal and we wouldn’t be able to do it, but here we are! Our secret is to not bring work problems home.

8. What makes you the most excited about doing what you have on a daily basis?

Photos for social media! It’s a constant challenge, because every day I have to do something different to capture things and surprise the people who follow us on Instagram and Facebook and invite them, virtually of course, to our restaurant.

9. What’s your dream for your business in the future?

Well… we already have two restaurants next to each other: Bacaro 2, is the younger brother of Bacaro Port, opened this year. We have already have doubled our work, but we would very much like to open a small boutique hotel in the old center or in Mamaia with the name Bacaro Home. All our clients could stay there and receive breakfast in the port!


10. What would be your advice for someone who is thinking of starting a business like yours?

To do it only if they are passionate about it, to always take time to sit in the restaurant and create a connection with each customer, and to have great communication with the team!



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