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CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (7)The primary focus of Calin Andreescu’s work is fashion editorials. He regularly contributes to a range of editorial- based magazines such as ELLE Romania, Lucy’s, Institute Mag., Huf Magazine etc. He has cut his own path into this world guided by his own vision and style. He knows how to capture beauty, simplicity, rawness altogether. His work boasts perfection, both in his photography and in the presentation of his subjects. Thank you Calin for sharing some thoughts on photography with us.CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (2)1.     What is your first memory of picking up a camera?
That memory involves a young friendship I had at that moment in early 2000s. Me and my best mate decided to share a camera and start shooting around everything we could capture. The moment I firstly pressed that friend’s shutter made me realize that I can deliver my own type of “beautiful”.CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (4) CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (8)2.     Herb Ritts said « I think a lot of the time these days’ people are so concerned about having the right camera and the right film and the right lenses and all the special effects that go along with it, even the computer, that they’re missing the key element. » What is the key element for you?
That quote is so true and nowadays it can be applied more than ever. We’re living a world with an abundance of new technologies, every day with new options to make our lives and the process of creation easier – or so it been said at least – draining slowly the focus out of what we should really pursue in this process of identifying ourselves and differentiate in our artistic approach.I’m mentioning this because the key element for me lays in the style every creative should be adamant to develop. In our times, out there, are so many talented and gifted people keen to raise from the ranks and vocal enough to do it.  But in order to become individuality as a photographer, you must have a style of your own, only grown and flourished with perseverance, in years of an endless pursuit of it. From my point of view, the biggest accomplishment for an artist would be fulfilled when people will saw his work and will know it’s his, without checking the name of the creation.
3.     How would you describe your aesthetic?
Simple yet elegant, with a whiff of eroticism – regarding my editorial work. In beauty I always aim to capture striking and visceral portraits, preserving the charm of every face in its very own. For me it’s more important where the shadows will lay, than the light and the position of it.
4.     How do you choose your subjects?
I’m searching for the proper face only after I finished my concept for that corresponding project, and usually I’m consulting with my team too on this matter.  I think that this process of finding the best-suited subject is vital, because the entire concept and the work of the team will concentrate around her or him.CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (6) CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (9) CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (10)5.     How do you balance your style with what a client has previously envisioned for a project?
I always take commissions from a client who fully trusts me regarding the direction of their final image I’m providing. Regarding the process, most of the time works out this way – after they tell me what they envision and what are the key elements they want me to punctuate, I work on a concept to unfold that idea to the fullest extent and then beyond, in my way.
6.      What are the elements for a life time lasting photo?
I wish to know that, I still have an enormous amount of enthusiasm working and discovering that one!CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (3) CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (1) CalinAndreescu_Editorial_Photographer_Fabulous_Muses_FashionIcons_Interview (5)7.  Who are the great photographers for you?
I always loved what Kristian Schuller is accomplishing with a remarkable continuity, Txema Yeste which is the epitome of today’s fashion photography for me, or Donna Trope which established standards in beauty.  Although, there are recently a few prominent female photographers like Alique, Cass Bird or Emma Tempest, who brings the subtlest amalgamation of intimacy from a female perspective in fashion, worthily to be appreciated.

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