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Iconic_Couples_VeronikaHeilbrunner_JustinOSheea_Fabulous_Muses_4If you think there are only cherry sunrises and bubblegum sunsets in the love of famous couples, well, you might be right. At least, that’s how their photos look like. Often their instagram or blog pictures are a source of inspiration because that’s what they do best, inspire you everyday. Here are 5 ICONIC COUPLES we love.

Iconic_Couples_VeronikaHeilbrunner_JustinOSheea_Fabulous_Muses_3 Iconic_Couples_VeronikaHeilbrunner_JustinOSheea_Fabulous_Muses_2 Iconic_Couples_VeronikaHeilbrunner_JustinOSheea_Fabulous_Muses_1VERONIKA HEILBRUNNER & JUSTIN O SHEEA
She is a beautiful, successful lady in the fashion industry, style editor of Harper’s Bazaar Germany, the creative director of Hey woman! and he is a handsome, street style icon, a yes man, the fashion director of the italian menswear brand Brioni and buying Director for MyTheresa. They met at the Acne Studios showroom -of course fashion got them together- when he asked her out for beers at 12’o clock in the afternoon. Wouldn’t expect that for such a classy couple. They are eye appealing when they are together, from her vintage shoes, to his limited edition designer tie, one of the best dressed couples you can find and one of fashion’s most photographed couples.

Iconic_Couples_OliviaPalermo_JohannesHuebl_Fabulous_Muses Iconic_Couples_OliviaPalermo_JohannesHuebl_Fabulous_Muses_3 Iconic_Couples_OliviaPalermo_JohannesHuebl_Fabulous_Muses_2OLIVIA PALERMO & JOHANNES HUEBL
Another stylish couple that rules the image of ideal love in the fashion world. The lifestyle blogger, american socialite, Olivia Palermo and her husband, the shoe designer, photographer and german model, Johannes Huebl.  Their romantic and elegant  image is highly appreciated by numerous brands that made them the face of different campaigns. Some things are just better together and look even better together.

Iconic_Couples_ChiaraFerragni_Fedez_Fabulous_Muses Iconic_Couples_ChiaraFerragni_Fedez_Fabulous_Muses_1 Iconic_Couples_ChiaraFerragni_Fedez_Fabulous_Muses_2 Iconic_Couples_ChiaraFerragni_Fedez_Fabulous_Muses_3 CHIARA FERRAGNI & FEDEZ
It was about time for some Italian romance! When fashion meets music, when this two arts combine, something stunning happens. They are both young, successful,  business oriented and they are not  afraid to show their love on social media, for sure. The love between famous fashion blogger and influencer, Chiara Ferragni and her lovely boyfriend, Fedez, an italian rapper, took over their instagram  and the Italian press in a few days since they announced their relation.

Iconic_Couples_Dulceida_AlbaPaulFerrer_Fabulous_Muses Iconic_Couples_Dulceida_AlbaPaulFerrer_Fabulous_Muses_4 Iconic_Couples_Dulceida_AlbaPaulFerrer_Fabulous_Muses_3 Iconic_Couples_Dulceida_AlbaPaulFerrer_Fabulous_Muses_2 Iconic_Couples_Dulceida_AlbaPaulFerrer_Fabulous_Muses_1AIDA DOMENECH & ALBA PAUL FERRER
We support equality and we love to see happy couples expressing their love. One of the best examples is Aida Domenech better known as Dulceida for her fashion blog  and her wife Alba Paul Ferrer.  They are living from smiles and laughs, as you can see in the photos, always happy, always showing their love in front of the others, unconstrained by society. The beauty of this free spirited romance is inspiring and makes us feel their powerful love with every picture or video they post.

Iconic_Couples_JaneBirkin_SergeGainsbourg_Fabulous_Muses Iconic_Couples_JaneBirkin_SergeGainsbourg_Fabulous_Muses_4 Iconic_Couples_JaneBirkin_SergeGainsbourg_Fabulous_Muses_1JANE BIRKIN & SERGE GAINSBOURG
We might have to go back in time for this one, the iconic, passionate and creative relationship between the actress Jane Birkin and the singer Serge Gainsbourg. One of France’s most glamorous and scandalised couple. She inspired not only the popular Hermes Birkin bag that carries her name, but 13 years of work while she was Serge’s lover and muse. They released an album together where you can find the contentious song  je t’aime… moi non plus  and had a lovely daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Their explicit and controversial love affair was all over the press in the 70’s, they broke up because of his drinking issues, but they remained  best friends afterwards because a great love like theirs, never dies.


Published by Diana Enciu
  • mirela

    De ce nu v-ati casatorit intre voi daca tot admirati lesbienele, subtil ni le prezentati drept modele…

    • Alina Tanasa


      • Daniela

        haha, sunteti super, casatorite intre voi sau nu 🙂 Love is love
        Imi place foarte mult blogul.

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