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Best_Fashion_Icon_Jeanne_Damas_Fabulous_MusesTo reach your greatest potential you’ll have to fight your greatest fears.” However long it takes for your dreams to take place, however difficult it seems to be successful, or however weak you may feel when you step out in the world, the real woman inside you should loosen her shoulders, smile and let herself surprised at how many voices of encouragement she will hear when she takes ownership of her achievements.  You hear right, don’t just be beautiful, let your know-how be encouraged by the choir of many women who aspire to grown their career with their own hands, women of all ages and races, women fabulous like you!

In fact, talking about them is not much effective than writing about their character building, in order to share their stories with others.

We came up with a list of 5 iconic women we adore and follow with respect for so many reasons.

A quick Google search will direct you to her YouTube video songs that you probably heard them before playing on a loop for days. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, cut short and play them. LP stands for Laura Pergolizzi. She’s the singer-songwriter behind several hits like “Lost on you” and “Into the wild”, the artist with an emotive voice, the music and the lyrics about real life that make you feel a chill run up your spine. LP has a way of winning her audience also with her grudge look and an androgynous sense of style which adds up to the fire in her powerful voice.

Best_Fashion_Icon_Florence_Welch_Fabulous_MusesFLORENCE WELCH
What are the things you don’t know about Florence? Being the frontwoman for the orchestral rock band Florence & The Machine makes her regal performances known on the world’s stage. Sure, we only imagine her on a contrast decor, either at a wedding or a funeral, but her fearless presence and her elaborate costumes set as the brand’s inspiration for Gucci which designed an entire line thanks to her musical force. We will end her portrait with the words of the creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini, who best described the majestically beauty of the singer: “As I was imagining this collection I was thinking of a strong and somewhat mysterious muse. Florence is that kind of woman.”


Who’s the chicest lady in town? Our answer is Carolina Issa this time, the Tank Magazine’s executive fashion director and creative consultant for a lot of luxury fashion brands. As a magazine publisher, she portrays a woman with effortless elegance, smart combos and signature shoes that are the icing on a cake. Why we love her? Because she embraces the art-work and fashion editorials together with the natural-born skills of a businesswoman. Carolina Issa is a woman we love.


A woman with initiative and a journalist who is not afraid to put in writing her own approach to love, fashion, women, and what men hate. Leandra Medine built a brand with her fashion blog Man Repeller, and also a new trend along with “man repelling” which became widely use to describe what is unconventional to the man’s eyes. Indeed, Medine’s site has long been acclaimed for her sense of humour and intelligence, where you can learn that fashion can be a funny activity for women to undertake and celebrate their choices, breaking the social norms of “dress to impress” the opposite sex. Can you name yourself a “Man Repeller”? I think we can all do. If you are not convinced enough, pay her a virtual visit: http://www.manrepeller.com/Jeanne-Damas-3JEANNE DAMAS
Our French fascination : Jeanne Damas and her red lips perform street styling on the Parisian avenues like a French girl seduces a man. She has become frequent on the feed in the last years for the reason that she makes vintage-vanished-trends look trendy with the simply use of maybe 3 basic items and her honest kind of spontaneous attitude. I am sure the striped shirt is back to the roots thanks to her, right?


Published by Diana Enciu

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