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1dianaenciu_alinatanasa_FABULOUS_MUSES_kane_locuri_cool_bucurestiIt’s the first day of February and we are aware that we should’ve been more productive, but January can be a hard month sometimes. We haven’t been so lazy thou. We added various articles in inspiration category and you should check them out if you didn’t get the chance. However, we haven’t been in the mood for shooting yet (we needed a break). You wanna know why? It is because we want to shape things up a little bit. We intent to do things even more fun, and more fab. We wanna give you more and more in terms of quality. Because there are so many blogs out there, the competition is really big. And if you are here reading this we think that you deserve more. Plus, if you want us to do something for you or you have an idea in mind please share it with us. How!? Through a comment or send us an e-mail: Team@absolutelyfabulous.ro.

3dianaenciu_alinatanasa_FABULOUS_MUSES_kane_locuri_cool_bucuresti 4dianaenciu_alinatanasa_FABULOUS_MUSES_kane_locuri_cool_bucuresti 0dianaenciu_alinatanasa_FABULOUS_MUSES_kane_locuri_cool_bucuresti 5dianaenciu_alinatanasa_FABULOUS_MUSES_kane_locuri_cool_bucuresti

Now let’s get back to the shoot and off topic, we are in love with Kane. It’s such a vibrant place. We chose it cause we were dreaming about summer (not fans of winter at all) and the food is really good (not many choices, but yummy).  They serve good tea and coffee and we have spent a lot of time here this January.

We also shot our jewerly collection last week and soon you are going to find out more about it. We hope you are gonna like the pieces as much as we do. It makes us so happy that we are finally launching it.

We have been working for a couple of months and it took us some effort because we wanted them to be fab, but easy to wear, versatile and even the items are not so very sophisticated, it was a little tricky to make our vision reality. Maybe you’ve already seen something on our Instastory. We worked together with an AMAZING team ( love you guys). See you soon. Here.

6dianaenciu_alinatanasa_FABULOUS_MUSES_kane_locuri_cool_bucuresti kane_fabulous_muses_dianaenciu_alinatanasa0fabulous_muses_kane_locuri_cool_bucuresti 1fabulous_muses_kane_locuri_cool_bucuresti 2fabulous_muses_kane_locuri_cool_bucurestiFoto: Tibi Vintur
Location: KANE
Outfits: H&M Top&Dress, Cristina Ramella Map Bracelets, Savas Milano Golden Bag


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Ewa Macherowska

    Such a cool outfits!

  • Ana

    Bună,aveți idee de ce rochia nu se găsește în magazine și nici online?bluza apare cel puțin pe site??????

    • Alina Tanasa

      O sa intre si in magazine:) Te pupam

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